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The three tips to help you Make money online and build your own brand. Talk about the three tips to help you Make money online and build your own Brand is good, you don’t want to be someone Otherwise you can build your own brand, and We will discuss how to implement The first secret is to create more content. More than your consumption, this is probably Most difficult for many people I’m sure you have encountered this situation, or You have been watching YouTube or Social media is with you May see someone succeed You might think about men, how are they? I am so sick, I am not very comfortable The first reason is that you are watching them. Satisfied, they didn’t look at you Yes, so you need to point out a point You can create more than one in it The content you consume, the content is you Will add value to someone’s life So it may be educational Something that makes them laugh Make help Things now think about the relationship will be better Just like everyone else did Deliver value to you as you move forward Pass and view social media or Watch YouTube video reading blog What will resonate with you, what is it? Providing value in your life, and You can start using it as Start of baseline Determine what you want Provider and a funnel way The challenge is any of you It was placed on my clickfunnels for 30 days.

Basically they teach you marketing And how to create your own sales channel They teach you a lot of incredible things. One of the things Train Steven Larson every day Is come, he talks to you Value release release release correct No one doesn’t know who you are. A person will consume your content if it is Not there, he is actually talking About the loudest people Those who make money these days Just because he is loud, he only represents you. They can be seen everywhere How to post a blog Live on Facebook or Instagram or YouTube I am also shooting YouTube videos and Upload this podcast social media All these things, especially words YouTube videos everywhere Podcast created by blog Your online real estate or Let people serve people time to consume your content, then I’m talking about this in a minute. But you can take him into You enter the sales channel, etc. Another item I am creating Nathan Lucas says he is on YouTube. Handling the free influencers he talks about taking a lot What you can do when creating content Many of these skills The presentation actually came from Nathan He is just a very smart great man, but he talk about when he started Youtube, he has a goal Make one or two videos a week, but Then you realize that if you want Have success and speed up his success, he needs Take large-scale action if you Start or you have an idea She wants you to be biweekly Is it correct or three times, only a lot Action because you actually Hurry up, you will arrive The ultimate goal, the current marketing profit is I believe they can handle Twitter online.

Quoted this sentence, although it is true Clean couple said useful Pleasant and inspiring equality Innovative content can also There are a lot of people throwing with you now. All you can do in a day is just Think about what is happening The story around you may have How is it used in life? Both useful and interesting The content of the person who inspired you Marked as so you can use it as Based on this, you will know what you have.

I can use case studies in the tutorial. Sorry, I have to fix the problem right away. Research storytelling, demonstration shooting Video blog post compares all of this content What can be used as content Ok, now let’s move on to the next tip. Again, this is the way you can help Make money online and make your own bread Nathan mentions this and his life. The representative we made a few days ago Things and one way to do this is Be consistent in your message so that For example, every time I start playing a video Talking about how serious passive is Automated talk about everything passive How to generate revenue affiliate marketing When making money online and staying consistent In your marketing, this is why I mean you Will attract your niche market, this is Why is it important to choose a niche market? The area you want to focus on What really matters is that just like you Narrow down to focus on People will not be confused when they see your content They will resonate with you contact you The more you Consistent information over time Now I think super good Before you try with It’s important to talk to your niche market or talk to your market.

Don’t ask the audience to do something You will not I have seen many people shooting. Specifically, for these videos Suppose I want to make money online. Niche I will talk about these pink and Dunking way to earn a few cents a day or a few dollars a day, this is They won’t do the right thing, etc. Really for you Value-added approach listeners never tell them to do I guess what you won’t do now. Have a warning Unless you are really interesting Tell them that you know that I won’t I do this myself because I don’t think so If you are indeed the best way Cash is tied, you know this is What you can do, just like they see it You are honest, they will be ahead of Believe in you, this is very interesting because my children are with me. There are six children, this is very interesting because You know they love when they are young. Lie, I always tell them Just like you are lying, I can’t believe you like it. Next time you say how about me You should know what you are saying Really, I always tell my children – You are a bad liar, it is easy Telling you when to lie is fun Because I used to remember Once, my mother said that I was stolen.

Pen, I think her and her dime Know that she knows I stole it, and I was Sitting on the stairs, that damn Under me, she is there Watching you say the child, you are still my father. I don’t think, I don’t have Reading under VMP is like trying to hide I thought I was The smartest person now looks back at the adult world As an adult like a man, I am very important For you, so don’t ask you again, I used to Do something you won’t do The next thing I heard was whether you pretend The opportunity is open How difficult is it to be difficult How long does it take to earn passive income in affiliate marketing? Now here, you are building a silo Online real estate and need Search engine recognition time What are you doing and then seeing Consistency and view its value As time goes by, for People offer to find your message, but the next thing is Your position on something is Tell yourself your story, don’t be like this Others don’t always try to copy They don’t feel like doing things You need to be them because there is Some really outspoken people Gungho is the best talent in the world, but Attracted a lot of people, but For other people, just like that man They surpassed my peak I don’t know how they did it.

They may resonate People like me are not super I am more leisurely on the top. You will attract your own Audience – you will not check Everyone in the world knows everyone Will love you, but it doesn’t matter, you are Means to read some people, for example MarketingProf proves good content again Not telling a story, but telling you Your story is ok, we all have a story for me. There is a story for the 9 to 5 series The situation on the back is really bad – I actually have to resign my job is Dropped to 130 pounds, some people lost a lot of weight and sleep really Bad situation, I have been since then Realize that you know that I am like I need Get out, I need to be my own boss, I need Find a way to make money online Because I want to be with my family.

With him, I want to travel, then One of the biggest things for me is me. I want to make a lot of money because I Want to pay, money will not change You will only magnify your identity today So I try to spend time on I am trying to go on holiday with my family Because I have to pay as much money as possible Do my best How to represent The last thing and Very satisfied with building your own brand Establish relationships and build relationships Trust and trust based drive Income used as TPL, the Really important because of the reason Create all of these knights So people can know what you know You know that you can help for Provide value they help teach them and then teach them Established relationship development Trust and the people people buy from them Believe it is like an influential person Marketing is these big companies The reason for these people to know these Actors and characters in the movie because You are like oh, I know then you will feel an instant connection to make you better Know that they are very kind and willing to buy Give them an approval seal and The same thing will happen to you.

Buy from you when they trust you They know that you won’t lead them Going along a path of no benefit For me, okay, the last step is how Making money online and other good things, this is Just a hint, there are a lot of tips, but What can drive the audience? Enter the funnel, the person who comes in Go to your YouTube blog post The video or podcast you want Captive of these people and bring them into Your nest is like putting your Zig Ziglar is trusted around their arms Best salesperson He said that the 20th century 20th century If you don’t, you will go bankrupt.

Stay ahead of the creation process This content is reaching people I remembered when I was cooking and stewing people. Enter the domain in your area What do you want after you have it What you want to capture These potential customers in the way you can do it Provide them with an exchange of value Only show your kind email now How do I do this is my YouTube The channel is about how to get 70 Video autopilot negotiations for thousands of businesses About the wind, so I have a The number of people who tell them I also have direct Link to this is my first Recommended full-time income Click here when they click there Talking about new training rights About how to start a proven automation tool with a lot of experience or technical skills in a profitable online business, if They click on this BAM for training They can add their names to my name Named correctly in their email What you will do when I capture those things Cause this system to be Click on the channel, so the click channel is the software I use to capture potential customers? You want to know more about clicks Channels you can view on my YouTube Channel has many different videos But you want that person’s self Because people usually don’t set it Buy Now Buying Decision Give him a different feeling, then Experience in using the product you want Buy, so your email list will be available Continue to sell them to Russell Brunson and the click program I said a lot Your email list is yours The number of times the business, so you need to hurry Those who lead Kay and what do you like me to do Say Follow them up and take an action Is with an email autoresponder Have different email autoresponders But basically you can list Send an email to their contacts, then you Can send them like a large email You can also set the sequence if They send you their email and you send them Send an email within 12 hours, then The next day, you will send them an email again, then Then another email, then another Email, you can set it up Once, it will run automatically The response can now be activated in the future Campaign and Aweber this is Three of you if you Get the best automatic reply again and more information I actually have to do There is a member link in my description For those I can put those there You will try it Now, once you have other people into the channel You need to continue to provide value And the products that are good for them and Providing services and services to the audience This can serve your audience, so one way To do this, you need to be in these The email that people are going to do is what I want to do (5 -5-7-1) Say, I just took this YouTube video.

Think this helps you There are some good tips out there, so you Can send them a link to a YouTube video Or you can send them a link to the blog post or have a quote The message I just sent Provide relevant information to my audience Information on my ongoing traffic camp Say, hey, this is the traffic signal. Training camp talks about free traffic possible Really help you I am your setting method Meet Zig Ziegler once said, I think it is Great, this is what I used to guide. What am I doing He said that you will get Everything you want, if you can help others, you can live What they want is what I want Really, you went. If you will get everything you want in life to help others get what they want Ok, the content you sent is back. Ok, if you want it again, those Three tips will help you make more money Online will help you build your own Brand if you want to know more I recommend 15 One day business builder challenge is Action-oriented experience Prepare for your business, and Start making money online in 15 days It will save you, literally like this Save you countless hours and months, and Even in a few years, Im filtering all All different YouTube videos Different ways like people like Clickbank can be delivered (YouTube) Do all digital products to do this Many of these things The information there is very happy Have a course 15:8 challenge One stop provides you with all the information local Each video has a powerful training video Days, as well as homework and content Every day you will also get Real business plan consultant They guide you through neatly Their desire for online business Where are you, they will see you The advantage is that your weakness is They will help you This process is good for my super Business plan consultant is Jackie, we Talked about you know about five or seven Talk time pair Very good with A third-party perspective that someone can work together from a certain perspective Day 15 Help you see what you need to master this knowledge It takes a lot of people that it takes years to get the benefits.