4 Ways How to Make Money Online for Free

4 ways to make money online for free and start making money fast. Each of these will be totally free to get started and will actually make you money.

This first one is super easy and I was surprised how much I made when trying it out. Testing websites and apps through sites like UserTesting and WhatUsersDo. So companies need to make sure their websites and apps are doing exactly what they should. They need to test out the look, all the pages and the forms. They contract with these testing sites to have people go to the website or the app and basically just use it like a regular visitor. After signing up on a testing site as a user, which takes all of about five minutes, you download their software so it tracks which tasks you do and records your feedback.

Then you get these tasks, whether it’s to go to a website or watch a video or try out an app. After that, you just talk about the experience, leaving your feedback through voice-recording so there’s very little typing needed here. It’s just giving your opinion on the site or the app. Requirements are pretty easy here. You need to be 18 years old, have an internet connection and a microphone and the ability to download the usertest software on your computer.

What I love about these sites, UsterTesting and WhatUsersDo, is they are really transparent about how much you can make. We’ve all seen the vague promises with online surveys about making lots of money and then it comes out to like $3 an hour. UserTesting pays you $10 for every 20-minute video you complete and it ends up being about another 10 minutes to complete the tasks and give your feedback.

But that’s still around $20 an hour you can make on these which is really good for something that requires no experience or skills. WhatUsersDo pays $5 per test which generally takes 10-15 minutes so it comes out about the same on a per hour basis. Both sites pay by PayPal for each task and you usually get paid around seven days after completing each test case. So that one’s going to be more like the traditional job working for an established company online.

Number 2 This next one is more entrepreneurial but you can make a whole lot more money. Now we talk a lot about blogging. Blogging it’s a long game to making money. It was six months before I made any money on my sites and a year before I was making more than a grand a month. That’s not bad as side hustles go but I’ve got an idea for you that’s going to cash flow immediately. Small business owners know they need to be online, it’s a connected world and even small local businesses need to be reaching people online.

But most are completely lost when it comes to starting or managing a website. Even if they figure it out, there’s no way they have the time to manage a site and their outreach on social media while still running their business. That’s where you come in. Setting up websites for local business owners and this one is going to work on so many levels. Now I know a lot of you think you can’t do this one. Maybe you don’t consider yourself a technical person or you don’t know about blogs but I’m telling you, this requires no tech skills at all. I’m the least technical person you know. Honestly, it’s the one thing I refuse to learn because it’s just so easy and inexpensive to outsource the tech work on my sites so don’t think you need to be a “computer person” to set up websites. Here’s how this works. You’re going to want to set up your own website first to show what you can do and highlight your services.

Then you pitch local businesses on setting up their site or managing it or a bunch of other services I’ll show you next. Not only will you get paid immediately for setting up these websites, a lot of customers are going to pay you monthly for those on-going services. We’ve got a free five-video series on the channel about setting up a blog, making it easy and the tricks that have grown my four blogs to reach over 200,000 people a month. I’ll leave a link to that in the video description below but it’s really easy to get started. What I love about this idea is there are so many income streams here. First you’ve got the fee for setting up a website and the social media pages for the business. That alone can run a couple grand but then you’ve got add-ons and monthly services you can sell as well. Few business owners are going to have the time to post articles on their blog or even to manage the site so you can offer mini-packages where you just provide articles each month or you can sell a full-service package that includes managing the site, posting articles, building their social following.

Number 3 Our next way to make money online is a new one I’ve heard a lot about but hadn’t tried it yet, making money through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk.Mechanical Turk is a website for jobs that require human intelligence, things AI and computers can’t do like identifying objects in a picture, transcribing and researching details. Companies sign up and request tasks and most of these take less than five minutes. You sign up to the site and get qualified to do different task categories. Requesters usually have an allotted time frame they need tasks done so you can check the website once a day, get a few tasks for a couple hours a day. Companies pay for the tasks completed on a monthly basis and submit the payments to Amazon. Amazon takes a percentage from what the company pays and passes the rest on to your account. Now this one isn’t going to make you rich. Most of the tasks are really basic and the pay is just above online surveys so maybe you make $5 an hour or a little more.

Number 4 This next one is kind of a go-to for a lot of people just starting to make money online and it pays a lot better, transcribing audio and video recordings. You sign up on sites like GoTranscript and TranscribeMe for tasks. These come from all over, video and audio that people need typed out for records or content. I know a lot of podcasters that hire through these sites to have their podcast episodes transcribed for a blog post. You listen through the audio file or watch the video and type out what you hear, that’s all it is. It helps to type quickly but it’s something you get better at really fast. The average rate on these is around $0.60 per minute transcribed which comes out to around $15 to $20 an hour depending on how fast you can work through a recording. These are really easy sites to work with and a great way to make extra cash or start a part-time job online.