5 Tips To Make Money As A Beginner Photographer

photography tips for beginners to make money online. There has never been a better time to make money as a photographer, in fact who ever tells you otherwise just isn’t looking hard enough. I mean there are loads of different opportunities and I’m going to share some of those with you in today. I’m also going to throw in a curve ball and this is a way that a lot of photographers have been latching onto lately, a really fun way of making money and I think it’s going to be the next big thing.


Tip Number One is to tell everyone and I mean everyone, so share it with your family and friends and just about everyone that you know, tell them that you’re now doing photography, otherwise people aren’t going to know and if people don’t know then people are not going to choose you for photography. Let me give you an extra tip on this, one of the best things you can do is join Facebook groups for your local area, so let’s say you live in Amityville I don’t know why I chose Amityville, but let’s say you live in Amityville, there will be a group for Amityville on Facebook that you can join.

People sell things people talk about what’s going on in Amityville and people want photographers. So for instance there may be someone on there that wants a wedding photographer, and then you can just reply to this, and engage with that person. Tell them honestly your experience level, because honesty is going to pay in this, otherwise It Is just going to come back and bite you. So be honest of your skill level and then you might even get the job and be able to work out a price with them. This is a great way to start, because this can spread word of mouth which is one of the best forms of advertising, because one it’s free and two it just spreads like wildfire.


Tip Number Two is stock photography, this is a great way to make money as a beginner photographer. What’s really great about it is that you don’t just have to be a beginner photographer you can be a professional photographer and make money doing this, while you’re learning to take photos, you can sell the photos and make money as well. You want to join up to a few stock photography websites, some of the ones that I use are Dreamstime, Adobe stock and Shutterstock, they’re three of the main sites that I would tell you to join, but you can join as many as you want, you don’t have to stop at three you can join ten or fifteen and this means that you can start taking pictures and then selling them on these sites.

Here is a bit of a pro tip, what I’d do is I’d look for current trends, if you decide that you want to do stock photography look for current trends, celebrations things like Christmas and Halloween and then take photos based around this trend, if you add these about two or three weeks before the actual celebration, then you’re very likely to sell both those, now of course there is a lot more that goes into stock photography, so I might even make a video on this, but it’s definitely something you should check out, if you’re interested in making money as a beginner.

Tip Number Three is prints. Now you’ve probably heard of photographers making money through prints right? Well there’s a special way to do this that saves you time and it saves you money. Definitely, two things I know the beginners are interested in hearing about. This is where you set up a website, now if that sounds complicated don’t worry it’s really easy, if you use a web provider like Shopify. They have an academy and it teaches you all the things that you need to know.

You don’t need to know any code, you can just drag and drop your things into the website, and it creates it for you, it’s simple I promise you, then you can use an external app like the one that I use called Printify, This is a company that will print and deliver your prints for you, you don’t have to buy an expensive printer and you don’t have to buy expensive inks, this does everything for you and it’s a great way of selling prints to start with.

Now if you’re thinking well I don’t have anyone that knows about my prints, then this is down to you guys you need to get on social media and start engaging with people and get them interested in the service that you have to provide.

Tip Four, take the initiative. Now we live at the moment in a convenient society, everything is convenient that’s why we have mobile phones, we have computers and we have everything to make our life as easy as possible. Sometimes this stops us from taking the initiative, I’m going to tell you a story of a local photographer to me and what he did.

He printed out a thousand business cards, this cost around about 15 to 20 dollars I believe. He then went and took the initiative by walking into local firms, he left his business card, told them what he did and then he waited for them to get back in contact with him. All the money he spent was 15 or 20 dollars and then he spent his time walking around for a day. He got five paying clients, which means that they were going to be returning paying clients as long as he did a good job. So this is a great way to make money and the best thing about it is no other photographers are really doing it, they’re trying to make money online or they’re trying to make money in a convenient way.

So take the initiative, this is a really good way to make money as a beginner with photography.

Tip Number Five is photography contests, this is the curveball. There is a website called Shuttout which you can join, and when you join you can go in a contest against each other photographer and then battle out to see which photographer produces the best photos. People vote and then it gets decided and the winner wins a money pot, this can range anywhere from ten dollars all the way up to three hundred dollars. So there can potentially be a nice amount of money for you to win. It costs around about two dollars to join the contest, so it’s around about the cost of a bag of crisps.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these five photography tips to help you make money online. Please comment and shared this post.