An opt in or list building is the heart of success on the internet. There are different types and site owners use them in a number of ways, however the point is that used correctly they can be huge money makers. Just a few simple steps, site owners can reap great benefit through many years. Here are two different ways in which list building can help build a list and also keep the site owner out of trouble with spamming or unwanted contact materials.

Single Or Double Opt In

Single opt in lists are those that ask visitors to provide their email in exchange for something else. Many sites provide “freebie” items while others only send monthly newsletters. It simply depends on the site owner and what they plan to gain, or as some might say, how badly they want those email addresses! Truly some sites offer money off, as well as other incentives for signing up for newsletters or other monthly marketing material. This makes it worthwhile to the customer because they are saving money or staying informed, just for receiving a few emails!

A double opt in list is one of the list building techniques where visitors are asked for their email address, but then they are asked to confirm the fact that they subscribed. This is an added protection to ensure that they are indeed the ones that signed up using the email address, as well as confirming that it is a good address! This helps keep emails out of the SPAM or trash bin!

Source by Mark A. Abrahams