When you’re going to actually make money online, it’s very important to be organized when you go about it. If you want to truly make money online, you’ll need to stay very relevant, and be very organized. If you’re wondering about some of the most common ways to actually make money online, check out this list:

1. Blog Websites – One of the most common ways of getting affiliate revenue is to start a blog. There is often more than one aspect of the blog and how you end up making money from it. One of the easiest ways to get affiliate revenue is to review products in your niche. If you have a blog about dogs, you can try out great products in that niche and review them. If they’re good, and you describe them well, you can easily get people to check them out and perhaps buy them from your affiliate link. Another aspect of the blog or website can be a landing page. A landing page is a page which describes either a product or a free gift which you send traffic to. When you send traffic to the landing page and people opt-in to your newsletter, you can then sell them affiliate products via their email. In addition to this, you might as well also have an opt-in form (or several) scattered over the website so that when somebody is reading your blog entry they can opt-in also if they want to.

2. AdSense Website – AdSense are ads by Google that you can feature on your website. Some people make whole websites centered around AdSense ads and make a lot of money while doing it. It’s pretty much the same principles where you’re utilizing keywords and solving people’s problems with your articles. The difference is that you’re using AdSense ads to make money instead of affiliate products. You can always use affiliate products as well as AdSense ads. The important thing is that you’re centering your site around a single idea, and that you’re providing good solutions for people. When you provide solutions, people will keep coming back. And regardless of what kind of method of money making you’re using, they’ll start to become interested.

3. Articles – Writing great articles with keywords in them, and including links to your blog or affiliate link, can be a great way to make affiliate money.

4. Direct Linking – Using some kind of ad or paid advertising you can send people directly to your affiliate link and make money this way. Believe it or not people will actually buy from direct links if you do it correctly.

Source by Alan Ayazyam