Affiliate Marketing – Top 3 Mistakes Made by Affiliate Marketers

Mistake number 1: Choosing the wrong affiliate program

One of the pitfalls of affiliate marketing is choosing the wrong affiliate program to join. Most beginning affiliate marketers often choose the ‘flavor of the month’; product to promote in order to make a quick buck online. However, the product may not be suitable for the affiliate marketer who has no interest in it and in promoting it online. In addition, this approach is a short-term approach and is not strategic in helping you build a solid business online.

Hence the best ways to get started online is to

· Choose a niche you want to specialize in

· Choose a series of related products within the category that appeals to you

· Do some research on the product before signing up as an affiliate to promote it.

· Build a relationship with your customers so you can continue to market related offers to them.

Mistake number 2: Spreading yourself too thin.

Since affiliate programs are very easy to join, you might be tempted to join many programs to maximize your earnings. You may also feel that there is nothing to lose since you only need to fill up a simple form and click submit before being accepted as an affiliate.

This may be a good approach to making multiple sources of income online. However, by joining multiple programs, you may be spreading yourself too thin. As a beginning affiliate marketer, you have limited resources to begin with and committing to too many programs will result in a diffused approach which will not yield the results you desire.

You will also not be able to maximize the potential of the affiliate product if you are not focused on promoting one program at a time.

Hence the best approach to take will be to

· Choose a program that pays more than 40% commission or at least $20.

· Make your best effort in promoting this product and make a reasonable profit before committing to promoting another product.

This approach may be slow but is a sure way of creating steady streams of income online.

Mistake number 3: Have no prior experience with the product.

Most affiliate marketers often commit the mistake of marketing a product without any prior experience with it. Hence it makes it difficult for them to convince others to purchase their product.

They usually base their promotion on the sales tools provided by the merchant. A successful marketer is able to put their own angle and ‘spin’ towards promoting it. They are also able to create their own customer base that comes to trust them.

The best ways to promote the product is to first purchase the product and try it out first before signing up as an affiliate. In this way, you can write and speak convincingly about the benefits of the product, its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, you may able be able to create a ‘quick-start’ guide to help your customers get the most benefits from the product you are promoting in the shortest time possible.

Do not fall prey to the above three affiliate marketing mistakes otherwise you will be wasting your time and efforts with only a paltry result for your efforts.

Source by Cindy Siow