Amateur VS Professional Video Production – Read The Difference

Video Production is now among the most important business strategies to help in brand awareness and it also increases sales conversion. Whatever the type of business you are running today, it is possible to leverage the power of video marketing to stay ahead of the competition. A lot of brands have even built in-house teams to carry out productions. Others are using any available camera to shoot amateur visuals.

The only problem is that it is easy to differentiate between amateur and professional content. If you consider how effective this marketing tool is for any campaign, it is not advisable to try and save money while compromising quality. The modern consumer is very keen and will tell between quality and shoddy productions.

Using marketing materials to boost your brand’s visibility is very valuable especially in the digital age. Hiring a professional videographer or video production company can in fact save you money and showcase your brand in the right light. Don’t make the mistake of using an amateur solution just to save money because it may back fire. Remember whatever you put out there represents your brand and can never be taken back. If you are wondering how it’s possible to tell between amateur and professional video production, consider the following.

Amateur vs Professional Video Production Service Providers

  1. Lack Of Diverse Camera Shots – A professional cameraman knows what’s visually appealing and they can get as many creative angles as possible efficiently. Such angles help tell your story more creatively and this boosts your brand. With the expertise these professionals bring on board, you have the advantage of more shots and saving time. An amateur is limited when it comes to the number of shots they get because they are not well versed in using the equipment and knowing what angles work best to tell the story effectively.
  2. Poor Audio and Visual Quality – One of the greatest mistakes any marketer can make is creating a poor quality video meant for marketing purposes. With the popularity of visual content on all platforms, it goes without saying that your content might eventually get noticed, but then it will be used to ridicule your brand. This is the greatest danger to any company brand that’s online. This mostly happens when you use amateurs for your production. When you have an expert working for you, you are assured of high quality content because the equipment required for shooting is available and their important technical expertise is utilized. What’s more, they understand the best environment, and use other specialized equipment such as external microphones and camera stabilizers, tripods, hand held devices to guarantee quality. Other considerations include lighting, which all works towards boosting the quality of video and content.
  3. Unnatural Scripting – If there is no one with script writing skills around, you can bet the final product will not have a clear and concise message. Many ideas that look good on paper can’t work when you are producing visual content. If you have ever watched a commercial that you didn’t wish to complete due to lack of logic, then go for an expert to avoid making a similar one.
  4. Editing Techniques – Poor editing can kill even the best story line for a video production. For amateurs, there is nothing much to do once shooting has been done, but for a professional, editing is the most important phase.

Source by Paul Nandrajog