Consider this an open letter from one internet marketer to another.

When I first got started in internet marketing, I chose a small niche area that receives very little traffic, but was able to monetize that site via writing articles that sent traffic to that site and immediately began to make sales.

However, I realized that if I was going to make big money online that I needed to get into a niche that had many more people interested in a daily basis. And I jumped to the other end of the spectrum, and chose two internet marketing niches, list building and article marketing.

Although they work hand in hand for me, when I chose them I did not know that. Consider it guidance from Above. Anyhow, when I started list building, I did all the crazy things that newbies do to drive traffic to their web sites (I won’t mention them here; I am embarrassed that I fell for those tricks). I also tried ezine advertising (sometimes effective, often not) and AdWords (effective from a numbers perspective, but struggling to monetize those leads). Now, because I was also writing articles for the purpose of developing backlinks, but since my linked pages were my squeeze pages, I got a lot of traffic from the articles I write.

Now, because I segment my list so that I can see where people come in from, I also learned that my biggest spenders are those who come to me after reading an article of mine.

So that is why I use article marketing as a lead in to my list building – because it makes me more money than anything else I do.

Source by Sean Mize