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Adverts free takes all the guesswork out of creating profitable successful Facebook ads for you by showing you all the different Facebook ads that are running right now in the world allowing you to find the successful ones and then find out the actual engage demographics and Geographics of that ad allowing you to then replicate and profit from them so let’s just do a really good quick example right now I’m going to search for ads related to teeth whitening that are connected to a Shopify store so I’m gonna click on Shopify here I’m gonna click on keyword you can also search for advertisers specifically or even domain names I’m gonna go key word type and then we type in the ad text so I’m gonna summon teeth whitening search for that right now I can such as proof through country and always the other areas here as well but I’m going to sort these now by the most likes just for this example search and here we go we can now see the most like ads running right now related to teeth whitening that are connected to a Shopify store again we can use a magneto or WooCommerce or just shop,

Best Facebook Ads Spy Tool

AdvertSuite is the first and largest software of it’s kind to ensure you run FB ads that make you money right out the gate– it’s that simple. Facebook, the world’s largest social network with the leading online traffic generation method, FB Ads.

I’m just ecommerce in general I’m then gonna show you here here’s an example let’s do one now let’s search for nightclubs say a local business like a nightclub keyword type I’ve text again I’m gonna type in nightclub I’m gonna sort by the most likes again in this example no e-commerce and I’m going to search for that right now and now all the nightclub ads around the world are going to appear for me here they have the word nightclub in the add text in the add title so I’m going here and see what ads are working the best for people advertising nightclubs and again as you scroll down it’ll load more and more and more this obviously lots of ads related to all nations we had 10,000 new ads every single day here in adverts week here’s an example using burgers so if say you’re working for a local bar client that has a burger restaurant or a wrestler in general again is taught in burgers and I can see all the different ads in the world related to burgers right now now a really cool thing about this as well is that you can then click on the ads in this little question mark here and then go in and find out information about that ad who has been engaged where the ads being targeted – along with the landing page itself so if I click on this it’s gonna pull up the actual landing page that this ad is being sent to boom this is where they’re sending this add it to right now because again it’s so important and make sure you add correlates to the landing page because if that connection isn’t right the conversions aren’t going to work so you can see what is working so you can just simply replicate what is out there to go out with a successful ad right away demographics the majority of people engaging with us out in this case are male I mean sell its information how long they’re running it for how long it’s been seen for what countries it’s being targeted this specific ad is are being targeted specifically to India and the age groups here of eighteen to twenty as well so all this key information means you can just replicate this you don’t need to test other different areas as well you can go with what’s working right away now again.

here’s another example I talked and make money so we can see all the different make money ads that are online here on Facebook again you can select languages age groups you can see if they’ve got what type of funnel they’ve got happening if they’re using click funnels leadpages so on and so forth and you can go through these and really break down the type of ads they’ve got running now with the upgrades but the first OTO which is going to convert like crazy we don’t just allow this for Facebook the OTO one means they can then do it for Instagram Google and YouTube as well here for example I’ve typed in the domain and we’ve used added us as the domain here so I can see all the different ads I don’t that added us are running all their shoes for their brands you can go in here again and filter out see what’s happening on these different ad groups again if I click on the question mark yeah it’s going to show you more information about this actual ad and it’s pretty damn simple of how it works so there we go there I want to say that itself simply click learn more pulls it up here over on Instagram and I can then see what type of content is working so again it takes the guesswork out of it for you you can see what people are engaging with what creative people are using the text the ads working that works so essentially other people are spending money testing so you don’t have to here is a quick example of marketing on YouTube site opt-in the keyword marketing so I can see all the different marketing ads that are on YouTube I can then go ahead and filter out according to which ones are getting the most engagement which ones all right you can see this one here 13,000 likes so that’s a better ad do I have to go over and see how what they’ve done there see the landing page yeah goes to what their call to action is versus this one here which has zero likes but it’s been seen by 68,000 people and no one’s really engaging with that ad itself there and again you just keep on scrolling down here’s mr. Fred Lam you can see what is happening alright and the titles they use and this is the information that would really help create a successful ad because if you don’t know if you’re just trying to guess what titles use what text to use what image to use what video to use what aid groups a target what at what location is the target you want in the news fit on the sidebar and what type of ad adverts week removes all that guesswork for you here I’m showing you a Google example again for local marketing if you don’t local marketing I’ve used surgeon for example here did the keyword typed in surgeon here and you can see all the different surgery ads that are running around the world now again happens like the country it but you can really start to break it down and see what ads are working and finally here I just wanted to show you again the front end product is the Facebook’s you get faced with all this information here for a one-time small investment

The first upgrade oto one and allows you to have Instagram Google and YouTube opened as well you get unlimited searches you can favorite a gene go play around with any of this if you need rearview access right now I’ve got it for you guys send me a message here and again it’s just as simple as clicking through this oto2 is going to be our VIP training we actually show you how to not only use this software in the best way possible but then how to go out and create really profitable ads through ads manager so anyone that’s never done a Facebook ad before they can take this and take my training and implement it to start making some serious bucks.

Finally OTO 3 is going to be our white label version which again will allow you to remove our adverts wet logo put their logo in there have their own unique login page with their own logo on the login page as if it was there as they think that they can generate license keys they can sell them rent them give them away revoke them whatever they want your giving you a 20 license keys for that deal there and then it’s an absolute no-brainer so rather than going and I want to get this in your hands give you access to it we go live on August 21st we have over twenty thousand dollars in no minimum prizes we have a pre-launch as well if you need me to do a webinar for you I’m more than happy to do that this is something I’ve been working on for years and we finally been it got to the point now where we are ready to release this live release it so for anyone doing paid ads or wanting to get the fastest way to get the most amount of traffic to their sites adverts sweet is for them so let me give you a review copy let me get you set up with anything you need swipes bonuses bonus pages few bad jokes for me if you want whatever it is you need let’s get it done and I’m so excited to have you become a part of adverts sweet which goes live again August 21st at 9 and Eastern the JV page advert sweet calm for such JV message myself or Simon Harry’s for anything you need at all and I’m so excited for you to be a part of this thanks guys alright guys welcome to behind the scenes of adverts sweet in this demo I’m not only going to show you the key features you’re going to be getting for a one-time tiny investment with a double your money back guarantee.

I’m also going to show you how people are using adverts way to monetize this and make some serious money on the day of purchasing so let me show you right now adverts which showed you every single place we go in the world I can search through keywords through advertisers for example competitors or even domain names so it is a website that I want to know if they’re running ads about I can see those ads and then see which ones are winning and which ones are losing so I don’t have to replicate any of the ads that are losing for example here going to search the keyword I’m going to search for their keyword in the ad text itself you can also search for that keyword in the comments or even on the landing page which is where the actual ad takes you to for this example we’re gonna click on add text now I can sort ads by any of these different dropdowns running the longest the most likes the most comments shares or views I’m gonna click on likes for now there’s a bunch of other areas we can click through here we can see if ads are running to a clickfunnels page a lead-pipe web pages page if they’re doing a funnel at all I can search the e-commerce ad so all the ads in the world that are onto a Shopify magnet or a work with Commerce store but in this example let’s type in something like the sale was doing local marketing for a local restaurant and they saw burgers as their main product or say jamon burger joint I could do this simply just here boom hit Search let it pull up all the different ads related to burgers here we can now go through them and as I’ve said Menten them from likes I can scroll down and I can see all the most engaged ads anywhere around the world that that’s not where it stops I’m gonna go down here and find an ad that I like and I want to replicate myself and I’d then I actually want to see the audience that are actually engaging with this ad so scrolling down you might see something that pops into your into your imagination that you want to replicate but you like this one he looks pretty cool and that looks pretty yummy two point four thousand likes let’s see the details of this ad here and boom this was a Memorial Day weekend ad and this got a lot of engagement on it I can click here to see the ad live on Facebook but this is the interesting information you know the people that have engaged this ad that have been targeted are males so bomb instantly know this ad works well to have been targeted to males and United States they’ve used as their targeting for this at itself which you then don’t have to guess whether target the ad – these are the engaged users of this post itself here I can then click on here to see the actual landing page that the site goes to and it’s this site here and we can then go in and replicate this remember the landing page is just as important as the ad because that is where you’re trying to send the users to and get the most engagement and start to make some money.

Let’s go into a different example here here in this example I searched for the keyword Fitness and then segmented it out for three likes and I want to see all the ads that are going to a click funnels page source funnel opt-in here so again I can click on any of these ads this one has thirteen thousand bikes born click on that now I can see this has been targeted directly to females and again in the US I can click on the Add to learn more here I can read more about the ad to see what they put in a text here and I can see they click funnels opt-in page here this funnel obvious is working extremely well for this user was so much engagement and I can then replicate this myself for my own product here’s another example I just touched with Fitness in generalized and put the funnel I didn’t click an e-commerce platform I just search for fitness and I filtered it by likes so I can then sir click on the details for this ad here and I then want to have a look at what this looks like on Facebook and these guys are doing an ad where they’re asking you to PM them for more information on this they’ve got three point six thousand comments here and people are going to be asking for PMS so p.m. 7 p.m. 7 p.m. Sunday so they’re using a funnel using a direct out of with no call to action in terms of linking to a website which makes ads way more cheaper and they’re getting a lot more engagement with their followers doing this way bump kill away to replicate a really highly converting ad here’s an example I’ve done of make money so anyone that’s in the make mining industry that wants to do a Sicilian marketing and promoting online products perfect for you again Ivan use click funnel see I can see all the marketers around the world he’s Anthony friend a bunch of guys around the world that are doing ads that are getting really high engagement on their add itself so let’s use this example you have a grant cardone I can click see more here to see what the text is get your free copy and this is again a great way to learn what add text to use what add to what call to action text use what image really use and you don’t have to do the guesswork this one is dominating 2.3 thousand likes I can see it’s been targeted towards males in the United States again for this one here I can see the call to action I can see how long that ads being run for and I can then click on this to get the free booklet itself and then go ahead and have a look at this funnel now again beautifully designed through click funnels here but it going to use any funnel software that the beauty of adverts we it can show you the exact funnels are the most highly converting ads themselves let’s just do one more example.

Let’s search for e-commerce sorry if I wanted to start an e-commerce business I’m already in an e-commerce business whatever it might be you can search for all the ads running to a Shopify store I back Nadeau store or a WooCommerce shut store now for this one I’m not even gonna enter a keyword I just want to see all the ads running to Shopify these ads display right away for me I can scroll down and see what’s the most highly converting product so if they’re free plus shipping if it from how they express this one stands out to me here nine hundred fifty two thousand likes on this piece of content let’s have a look at look at this read more very simple ad with a call-to-action link in their text so they’re not linking out from the ad itself which means it’s a cheaper to run because if you take your user from Facebook outside it’s going to cost you a little bit more but this here will cost them next to nothing to run they’re saying tag someone who would love this 57,000 people have tagged someone who likes this right if I wanted then see the landing page here the landing page so that stone this for twenty two dollars on a Shopify store now let’s just take this text to glow-in-the-dark necklace let’s search this on Aliexpress that’s a bomb right there the exact same product the 70 cents to 90 cent 92 cents there that’s an S something of a 24 bucks 20 bucks whatever it was over there making a huge return on investment and this is selling like crazy now again you can do this over and over and over again scrolling through all of these different arm Shopify ads again you can target it more by targeting for keywords so sailing look for tennis products that are in commerce I can do that whatever it is adverts wait delivers up for you it shows you the audience of the engaged users and then finally the landing pages so you can then simply go in replicate the ads that work so you don’t need to spend any money on ads that don’t work and start making an amazing return on investment again as a full training inside of how to set your ads up and everything like that but let’s jump back to the studio so I can show you how I double your money back if this does not get your results let’s go you

Best Facebook Ads Spy Tool

AdvertSuite is the first and largest software of it’s kind to ensure you run FB ads that make you money right out the gate– it’s that simple. Facebook, the world’s largest social network with the leading online traffic generation method, FB Ads.


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