If you are doing blogging for money, then you need a strategic plan that leads you to success. You need to learn from your mistakes and do new things. Most blogger don’t understand it, therefore only a few bloggers are successful bloggers who are making big money online. If you know what should be done, then you can also become a successful blogger and make lots of money from blogging.

Here are the top 5 tips which help you to make money from blogging.

1. Keep your blog fresh and updated – Most bloggers fail at blogging because they don’t take it as a business. And every business needs maintenance. You should keep your blog fresh and updated. You should make new, informative and interesting posts on it. Make blog posts with consistency. Consistent posting is very important in blogging. It attracts search engines spiders to rank your blog. It means you will get more traffic from search engines. And everyone knows that blogging money depends upon traffic.

2. Target low competitive keywords – If you are a new blogger, then you should not broad your niche and market. Make it narrow for less competition and more targeted audience. Do keyword research on Google AdWord Keyword Tool and pick up some low competitive keywords on your niche. Craft these keywords on your blog posts.

3. Write reviews of the products related with the niche of your blog – It will give you more money as well as keep your blog interesting. Your visitors will consider you as an expert in your niche when they see your reviews. If your write more reviews of popular products, then it will make your blog more popular. It will also attract other ad networks to advertise on your blog. Then you will make more money from blogging.

4. Visit other blogs on your niche – See what other bloggers are doing. Apply their tricks and monetization methods on your blog. And do a little better from your competitors. You will become a successful blogger.

5. Post comments on other related blogs – Now you are thinking why it is very important to post comments on other blogs related with my niche. It is very important because it will give you more traffic plus it will spread your backlinks on other high ranking blogs, so it will help you to increase your page rank. More page rank means more traffic and more traffic means the more money you will earn from blogging.

These are the top 5 tips to make money from blogging. But for making big money from blogging, you need a proper guidance form an expert and successful blogger.

Source by Alan Sahu