If you’re blogging for money and not using WordPress then you’re at a disadvantage. The reason for this is that WordPress is probably the best free blogging platform that you can use because there are so many themes (skins) and plugins (addons) that there is something for everyone.

Now just because something is free doesn’t mean that it is defective in some way. Quite the opposite. WordPress is an open source product. This means that programmers all over the world are constantly updating and ‘inventing’ aspects of WordPress for Public use and in the process making it better. What do these guys get out of it? Often making a positive reputation for themselves which equates to making money for later.

Anyway, digressing off topic a bit, you’re reading this because you have heard there’s money in blogging. You’ve heard right but only when you set things up the right way. It’s like all things – do it properly from the beginning and you have less problems later on!

There are three stages of making money online with WordPress and even blogging in general

Step #1

If you do not have a niche – find one. Don’t find any niche, remember you’re looking for one that has people looking to spend money! There are several niche areas that come to mind – Travel and Leisure, Legal, Financial and Health and Fitness to name but a few.

The point is that people in these niches have a need. Often that need is associated with a desire to spend money or time to satisfy that need. This is your ‘market’.

Often this step in niche selection is overlooked but it’s crucial as it influences how you will monetize your blog in step 2. You have to ask yourself the question – Is the niche topic at buyers or information seekers?

Step #2

Right, now you have your niche what next? Well, you’re looking to monetize your blog aren’t you? You have two options as I see it. If in the niche identification step you realize that your visitors are more hungry for information – ‘pre buyers’. You can use your blog to provide content that is useful and informative for them. This is an ideal platform for an AdSense site. Visitors are more inclined to browse ‘your (hopefully) excellent content and click a few links/ads. If the niche is more geared towards selling then your blog will have affiliate products.

One of the crucial aspects that most bloggers ignore is that a good general rule to follow is the ‘less is often more’ don’t ‘mix and match’ AdSense and sell affiliate products – it doesn’t work – trust me I’ve tried it!

Step #3

Get your WordPress blog set up and working. It’s much easier to set a blog up now than it’s ever been but there’s more to it. In fact failure to set up the blog properly is one of the main reasons bloggers of all types fail and quite often they blame the market. There’s an estimate for example that 85% of commercial blogs don’t use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) properly yet blogs are an SEO experts dream. Those people that do use it are much further ahead of the game and that’s just one example.

Setting up a blog must be done right at the beginning and it’s one of the three major factors in getting it right, especially if you’re blogging for money.

Source by Peter Burke