If you own and operate one or more blogs you are probably always looking for smart ways in which to maintain the current readers that you have. Additionally, you are probably seeking out ways to increase reader appeal, to drive new readers to your blogs, and to set your blog to higher standard than others.

Many blogging tips will tell you to focus on advertisements and keywords to drive more visitors to your blog and to increase your profits. However, if your blog is lacking ‘quality’ content or is overly cluttered with advertisements you will quickly be driving people away from your blog. This is because most blog readers now have high standards.

For every person who is attempting to make money from blogging, there are three more people who are simply blogging for fun. These types of bloggers will put in a great deal of effort to make their blogs look sleek and pleasing to the eye. Additionally, they will fill their blogs with well written blog posts that are not focused on keywords.

If your blog appears to be an advertisement center and features keyword heavy blogs, you will quickly find that your blog will be ineffective at maintaining an audience. If you want to increase reader appeal you will need to maintain a sleek design that is easy to navigate and provide quality articles that don’t seem heavy in keywords. The more effort that you put into the quality of your articles and the look of your blog the more readers that you will maintain.

Source by Fabian Tan