Now lets look at the reasons why people fail blogging:

1.) Poor Set up; Many people overlook the important set up procedures for their blogs like identifying their niches and keyword research. This mistake has costed them a lot of money in marketing but end up getting poor results as their blogs were not properly ranked into search engines. A niche is a mall group or something that appeals to a mall percentage of the whole population. It is important to select the niche that will distinguish you from the entire population. You can do it easily by looking at what you are good at or what you are passionate about. After selecting your niche, you can then focus on the keywords that applies to your niche. Use these keywords on your blog set up otherwise your blog will not be ranked on the search engines.

2.) Lack of Focus; Online business is a business just like other business and in order to succeed it need three things from you and these are your time, your focus and resources. The same applies to make money blogging, you need to focus on your niche, get educated in that area, be the expert and then turn around and share your ideas with your audience by posting valuable contents into your blog. Valuable contents will make visitors come back again and again.

3.) People want to make money easily and quickly; It is possible to make that kind of money if you are playing lottery but when it comes to blogging forget it. Success with blogging is earned, you need to put in time or resources to build your blog and even when it is ready it will take time to get the reasonable number of visitors daily. In other words everything takes time.

Now lets move to ways of making money with the blog

There are number of ways to make money blogging but I am going to mention only three methods.

Sell your own products

If you have products to sell its easy to use your blog to reach many people and hence get customers. It is good to develop your own products since you can sell it over and over again while pocketing 100 % profit.

Affiliate programs

Please keep in mind, there are thousands of affiliate networks. Search for affiliate programs that related to your niche and post the banners link on your website. You can use Google to dig up many more affiliate for publishers.


You can start inviting other people to advertise with you. One thing to bear in mind is there is no point of charging high for advertising if you don’t have enough traffic because even the customers you get will not last with you if they don’t see results expected.

Unless you’re selling physical merchandise, try adding Google AdSense ads to your site. You might pull in only a few dollars a month while your site is small, but that’s more than nothing-plus, it opens the door for bigger ad opportunities down the road.

Source by Caroline N. Engstrom