I am sure that many of you at some stage in your life must

have thought about starting your own home based internet

business. Blogging provides a real and easy alternative to

getting started. One of the main reasons for this is the

relative ease at which you can get started.

With free and very powerful software like Blogger and

WordPress available it does not take you much time to get

your business up and running. In this article I am going to

demonstrate five steps that will help you to get started

with your business.

1) Choose a niche market

This is a very important step and is like laying the

foundation of your internet business. You need to target a

smaller section of a big market so that you do not need to

compete with big competitors.

2) Design a template for your blog

A professional design and appearance of your blog is

crucial for your success. If it looks amateurish people

will not take you seriously.

3) Write quality content for your blog

A blog is a personal journal that gets updated frequently.

It records your ideas and thoughts. Make sure that you

write interesting content that will keep your readers

engaged and coming back for more.

4) Submit your blog posts to blog carnivals

You can get a lot of traffic by submitting your posts to

carnivals hosted on other blogs. People interested in a

niche market related to yours will see your blog post and

click through to your web site.

5) Monetize your blog

You can easily do this by adding Google AdSense code and

also affiliate links that are related to your niche market.

An advanced strategy would be to also offer a newsletter or

free report on your blog that your visitor can download.

This will enable you to build a large opt in list.

Source by Mark A. Abrahams