Getting traffic is a critical piece to the success of any online business. Getting bonus traffic is something that you should incorporate into your internet marketing strategies. Bonus traffic has a little twist to it…it is really traditional list building, with a little bit of integration marketing mixed in. Sound confusing? It’s not.

What I love about getting bonus traffic is that it is free, it is highly, highly targeted traffic, and if you do it right, it is traffic that comes from a source of proven buyers. It is really these three reasons that make me say it should be one of your internet marketing strategies.

I mean think about it, who doesn’t want a traffic source that sends a ton of new visitors to your site and not just any new visitors…visitors that are proven to spend money.

So how you do this is with some very basic skills, you don’t have to be a technical genius to get this programmed into your system. Here’s how it works:

There are lots of internet marketers that are giving away stuff for free…things like mini courses, ebooks, reports…you name it, the list is endless. What you will do is find a marketer with a product or service that is complimentary to what you do. You want it to be something that compliments what you do, not competes with what you do.

Next, you take one of your bonuses…something that you would be giving away for free, and you partner up with this person and have them offer it as an unadvertised bonus to their buyers. So your bonus could be a sample, or an intro to a full course, or a mini course.

When your partner sells a product, they buyer sees your bonus as an unadvertised bonus. This gives you exposure to new people, and allows them to get a taste, or a look at the kinds of products or services that you provide.

The benefit to your partner is that they get a bonus they did not have to create…and…you can do a swap…meaning you will do the same for them and offer their bonus to your group of buyers. This is integration marketing. You are integrating your partners offering with your offering, and you each benefit by reaching customers that are on each others’ lists that you would not have had access to before.

Now you can see why I love having integration marketing and bonus traffic as one of my internet marketing strategies. It really is a win-win for both partners and it is super simple to put together.

Source by Tellman Knudson