When you are new to Internet marketing, building an e-mail list can be daunting. How do you go about doing it? Is there a process? Are there rules? How the heck to get people on your list? Why do I need a list anyway?

By now I’m sure you’ve heard the term” the money is in the list”. The truth of the matter is that the money is in the list. As an Internet marketer, your income is dependent upon your list. You must have a targeted responsive permission-based subscriber list. This is the single most important ingredient in your business. It’s absolutely crucial to have people to market to.

It is true that the money is in the list. And to take that a step farther, the money is in the targeted list. The quality of your subscribers is more important than the quantity. You will want to grow a list of people who are interested in who you are, what you do and your products and services. It’s better to have a smaller list of people who are interested in your niche, than a huge list of people who could care less. You’re list must be receptive and interested in order for you to convert them from prospects into buyers.

So how do you get started building a list? First you must give your prospects a reason to join your list. You will need to offer a beneficial giveaway to bribe them into giving you their name and e-mail address. This freebie can be anything from a special report, an audio, a video, a teleseminar, webinar, an e-book or a free trial offer.

In order to determine the type of giveaway your prospects would be interested in you have to ask yourself these questions.

* What do they want?

* What sort of problem do they have that you can solve?

* What sort of information are they desperate to get their hands on?

Your free offer should be of high quality content – something that you should be able to sell. That way they will say “Wow if this was free, I wonder what they’re paid products will be like?”

Next you will have to create an opt in page. This page should be kept short and to the point. It should talk about a perceived pain that the prospect has and a promise of a solution to that pain. There should be an opt in box before the fold of the page. You must also give a very clear call to action. For example ” Fill in your first name and primary e-mail address in the box below to receive your free report.”

Your opt in page should be on a stand-alone web page or WordPress blog with a keyword rich domain name. This way there will be no interferences or other things to pull their attention away from subscribing. The keyword rich domain name will help you get organic traffic.

Next you must create an auto responder series. There should be seven or more follow-up messages. A multi-part ecourse is perfect for this. In order to get your new subscribers attention the first autoresponder follow-up message should always over deliver!

The most important aspect of your list is building a relationship with them. They are your bread and butter. They pay your mortgage, make your car payment and pay for your vacations. You must treasure them and treat them well. You must always be thinking about what you can do for them – how can you be of benefit. In return you will build a targeted responsive community of people who want to be in your space, who are receptive to your marketing suggestions and much more likely to buy from you.

Source by Celene Harrelson