Everyone knows the traditional methods of getting traffic for building mailing list. Everyone knows about things like search engine marketing and video marketing. Heck, I’ve even written at length about most of the traditional methods of building email marketing lists.

But there are plenty of methods that are less traditional, that less people know about and even fewer people use. Even though they are a little more obscure, and some of them are pretty unconventional, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t still incredibly effective when used properly. Right now I want to talk about one less known and more unconventional methods for building mailing list that I call Ezine advertising.

To start this method, you have to find someone who already has a big list in your market or niche. Then, you get in contact with them and you get yourself a small advertisement in that person’s newsletter for your email marketing campaign.

Then, when they send out their newsletter to their substantial list, you will have an ad that will appear inside their email, and that add will drive traffic back to your squeeze page. You’re going to be paying for this ad, so you want to send them to your squeeze page as building your email marketing lists is the best investment of your money. It’ll be a lot better to send the targeted traffic to your optimized and highly converting squeeze page than to just your blog or website or either content home- and it’s definitely better than just sending them straight to a sales page.

To find lists of people who you are going to contact about this online email marketing exchange, you can look at directories of Ezine. If you Google the phrase “directory of ezines” you’ll find it pretty easily to find someone who can really help you with building mailing list.

You can go another route though. For me, I’ve found that you’re going to get a much better return on your ads and your investment if you go out and find individual’s lists, than if you work through an Ezine directory service.

So if I’m looking then I go to Google and search for the niche I’m looking to advertise in, then I’m going to see who’s doing PPC advertising and pops up in this Google search, and I’m going to check out all these sites and see if they are sending people to an opt in page or trying to get people to sign up for their newsletter or are trying to collect emails.

If they do, then I’ll get in touch with them and ask them directly if they are into doing this kind of advertising for both of our email marketing campaign. This is a somewhat slower method of getting into one of these arrangements, but the quality is going to be a lot better and it’ll be a much smarter investment to put in the extra time and wait to find one of these people. If you don’t believe me, try it out and check out the results of your new online email marketing efforts.

Source by Justin Glover