The main task of lead generation is to build or expand a list of subscribers to your web page. This assumes that you have already created a website where you advertise the product or services you are offering. Lead generation can serve to promote a product or service, newsletter or anything that you wish other people to be aware of about your online business. Almost any type of online business can use lead generation to create a visitor database which with the right follow up technique can be converted into buyers.

Visitors to your website are looking for information about the product or service they are seeking to avail of. Most of them already have something in mind about what they want and need based on certain requirements and specifications but are looking for the best option that they can avail of. This can be the lowest price, the nearest or most convenient location or some perceived impression about the customer service your site is offering. But because many of them have been to other sites that offer the same product or service as you do, they need time to consider the others. One or two of them maybe already be ahead of you in terms of lowest price or convenient location. You would then need to have something irresistible so they would choose you. You need to entice them to buy your product or avail of your services.

Offering them the option to be informed through email about developments and updates regarding your product or service will give them the incentive to consider your offerings on top of the others. You would want them to sign up and be included in the regular updates of your website, which can include anything from bargain offers, rebates or special discounts, special sales, add-ons, and other opportunities to save and still get the best product or service.

Source by Bryan Kos