Perhaps you already have a blog or have been thing about creating one. Even if you do not have a blog you have probably heard about money making blogs on TV, with news shows and talk show hosts. Unfortunately the news and talk shows have found the few people who are able to quit their jobs and make more than they did working full time.

Is the news about blogging correct?

The glowing news story shows a mom who once worked two jobs trying to support her children. Since she started her income producing blog she is now able to be with them all the time. All this does is give people the impression that just by starting a blog, you can have an incredible way to make full time income with very little effort.

Can blogging make full time income?

There are bloggers who are able to produce a full time income, it has taken a lot of effort on their part. Most bloggers are only able to add an additional income source. For some this is enough to pay a few bills, for others it may be just enough to pay for little extras. Still others may make very little. It’s not as simple as creating a blog and adding content and cash starts flowing.

Do you want extra income?

This is not to say that your blog will never replace your income. It is still something that happens. For others, they choose to work from home on their blog and choose a lesser income. A lesser income but flexible scheduling to enjoy spending time with important people. The ability to avoid the confines of a 9 to 5 lifestyle makes some gladly choose this alternative. Other bloggers find that their blog income is able to pay a bill or two. Or add some extra income for shopping or other fun activities. In this day and age, a little extra income is a good thing.

What helps a blog make more?

What decides your blog income is partly dependent on how much work you are willing to put into your blog. Another part is based on how popular your blog becomes. Years ago, just having an interesting blog was enough to appeal to people. Now there are millions of interesting blogs available on wide variety of subjects. An income producing blog needs to have good content, regular content added and have a growing number of readers.

How does a blog grow?

Your goal becomes making your blog either stand out from the crowd or appealing to a particular market. Tell your family, friends, co-workers about your blog. Ask them what they like. Then focus on adding in the stories that appeal to them. After that, ask everyone to tell their friends and family about your blog. Find ways to share your blog online. Then watch your blog grow!

Source by MJ Schrader