Choosing the Right Niche for Affiliate Marketing

Many affiliate publishers dream of getting a high rank for keywords in competitive niches, but not everyone can succeed. For those not in the first pages on the major search engines, the revenue will be modest at best. A much better way is to target niches and keywords closely related to highly competitive ones. The chances of reaching the top ten will increase drastically, as will the profits.

Competing with highly experienced affiliate marketers will naturally be a tough task. For a new webmaster, interested in affiliate marketing, choosing an easier niche and/or keyword is essential for success. Finding a profitable niche isn’t hard, finding a niche YOU can profit from is much harder. Many use the affiliate programs offering high commissions on popular products, yet only a few make a real income, why?

In the online pharmaceutical market, the demand for the products – with sexual enhancers as the undisputed no.1 – is massive. This has led to many, many online pharmacies popping up. Some are serious, some are only in it for the quick cash. Most sites offer some kind of webmaster opportunity, mainly in the form of an affiliate program.

For a new webmaster looking to build a profitable site, the ongoing hysteria of Viagra, cialis and other sex drugs will often make it easy to believe everyone will make money selling these kinds of drugs and medicine. This, how ever, is not nearly the case. Instead most webmasters find themselves pulling their hair in lack of enough inbound links to get even close to a top search engine position. At first, you might see a huge impact, climbing from page 20 to 11, but as you get closer and closer to the top pages, the competition tightens. If you would put all this effort into a site of less competitive nature, you would probably find yourself with a nice, steady stream search engine traffic.

If you have already got your mind set on a topic and area for your site, perhaps you can make a few minor changes to make it about something slightly different? In this case, the appeal of human sexuality will always attract customers for the business as a whole, but you need to figure out an angle for you.

One idea would be to find a few keywords related to alternative medicine, or herbal medicine. While the products sold on these sites often are of similar nature as pharmaceutical products, the keywords are not nearly as competitive as pharmacies. In all lucrative businesses, there will be frauds and shady sites, only trying to make a quick buck on a popular product or service. In pharmacy affiliate programs, this is really something to look out for. If you see a commission to good to be true, it probably is. If you choose to try to fight for these competitive keywords, be sure not to loose all your earnings by choosing the wrong affiliate program.

In most cases, finding a slightly different approach to targeting keywords may ease your way to making a profit, instead of seeing your site on the fourth or fifth page on Google. As your targeted keywords alter, you will attract other visitors, and you should find an affiliate program matching their needs in order to get good click through- and conversion rates.

Source by Theo Swan