When you’re planning to use internet marketing to promote your product or service, you should consider list building and email marketing as one of the main ways for approaching your clients and prospects.

Some businessmen hesitate to use email marketing thinking people will take them as spammers, you can avoid it by always giving valuable information and not hard selling at all. Bear in mind that you can win out on a great deal of business leveraging well done list building and email marketing.

By approaching potential clients via email, your business could win a great deal of business to the competition and the global reaching power allows you to be in touch with people all around the world. Of course for being able to email people you have to build a list first. In this article i´ll discuss some ways you can go on of doing that and 1 or 2 point on good email marketing practices.

When you have decided to get on the going building your email double-opted-in list you need a detailed plan on how you´ll go to gather the prospects, your future clients! Your list of names and emails to which you´ll be catering and will be paying for your product and/or service joyfully. There are many ways you can go through to gather the people that are interested in what you have to offer. You can publish articles in article directories and place an opt in form in the resource box, you can put one on your YouTube videos´ descriptions, you can even purchase o rent a list from a list dealer, etc.

If you decide to buy or rent a list you´ve got to be very meticulous and make sure this list is integrated by people interested in your niche so you´ll get good response, otherwise you´ll be wasting your time and money. Although it could be a game of numbers, the more the general audience in the list is engaged with your kind of products or services the better.

If the list you´ve bought or rented is a list of people that have little or no interest in what you have to offer, they could easily accuse you of spam, and it is something no honest well-intentioned internet marketer wants to be accused of. If an inbox owner deems you are a spammer, they’ll never will open or read your emails.

Internet and email providers have implemented powerful spam detectors all the way to your prospects´ inboxes. So the less likely your message can be deemed as spam the better the chances for it to get into your client´s inbox, there, it will never be accused to be a spamer. Using rented or bought email lists that you´re not sure if they are targeted pre-qualified prospects to your offer could turn into a waste of time and money.

It´d be much better for you to build your list(s) in the way of placing your opt-in form on highly targeted environments where people are more likely to subscribe to your list due to an actual interest in what you have to offer. Places such as Squidoo Lenses, Hub Pages, Article Directories, Video Sharing Sites and of course Your Facebook Fan Pages!

Building your list this way you’ve got the mayor asset of your business: Your Opt-In List of potential and actual clients. This is a database of people which are really interested in your offers and your info, cater to them accurately and you´ll be up to the races for a long term profitable business.

You´ll be able to sent emails or maybe a newsletter with a plethora of valuable information on your niche, and subtle selling pitches on your products and/or services with a reason why they should try them, what benefits they could derive by doing business with you.

If the information you provide to your list is valuable they´ll be engaged with you and the likelihood of they buying from you turns higher and higher. A clear call to action is very important, implement them for your subscribers to try your offer or for at least investigate it a little further.

Source by Daniel Cajiga