E-Budy Messenger Application – Worthwhile?

Today’s internet marketer has the daunting task of learning how to use technology to his or her advantage. Communication is critical to success and you probably want to be conveniently accessible to your clients online.

The question is: Which chat client should you use?

Some of your customers are on iChat. Some are on MSN. Others are on AIM, ICQ, etc…

If you are anything like me, the idea of downloading, installing, and managing all the various chat programs may have you wanting to head for the hills!

So how do you handle the challenge of being accessible online without the necessity of running multiple pieces of software simultaneously?

Ebudy to the rescue!

Ebudy has been around since 2003 and offers chat in a pop-up box and added Ajax functionality.

Ebudy lets you combine multiple chat clients in one place and supports MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GTalk, ICQ, and MySpace.

Ebudy makes it easy for you to log in to one account and be accessible to a variety of clients and prospects regardless of which chat program they may be using.

With millions of users scattered across multiple chat platforms, ebudy makes it very easy to reach and communicate with most of them from a single convenient interface.

I use programs like ebudy to make it easier for my Email Marketing clients to get in touch with me online.

When someone subscribes to my AutoResponder messages, I can give them a list of the various chat programs I am available on. My readers can then pick the chat program they are already using.

No download is required to use ebudy.

Source by Brian Rooney