E-Commerce – 5 Key Factors of Cool E-Commerce Web Design

An e-commerce web design involves providing internet based secure payment facility for the customer and other interactive features. In addition facility to accept and execute orders also need to be catered to in an e-commerce web design. The major objective of an effective E-commerce web design is to facilitate attracting sales all through the 24 hours of the day. Consider the following factors to aid your success.

1. Customers will be looking for their advantages and while you answer their questions, bear in mind the “me-orientation” of the customer. Emphasize the advantages to him and convince him that your product is what he needs.

2. The content you provide should be structured with great care. If you try to put all your products, prices, benefits, all in a single page, it will be so cluttered, the viewer will quickly navigate away from your site.

3. Use images and color sensibly. They do help to render that live feeling. But, you should select the colors and images with the customer in mind. Your preferences and creativity are less important.

4. Many a times, people tend to overstate facts or in simple terms oversell. Take care of the sales pitch you use. You don’t want your customer to grab his wallet and run away from you. Don’t ever give him the feeling that your entire business hangs in balance without his order.

5. Use technology wisely – Do not try to overdo things and make your E-commerce web design look like a technology statement rather than project the purpose for which it is created.

Source by Fabian Tan

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