Most of the times as a network marketer, you are told to build a list of all the people that you know. The sad reality of that is most people end up with a list of about 50-200 people. While this is not necessarily a small number, it is not enough to really gain the momentum needed in Network marketing. Here are some list building tips that can help you launch a very successful business quickly:

Get Online

In the age of the Internet, being online is the place to be. Knowing how to utilize the internet is something different. One of the most powerful list building tips is to get yourself set up with a self hosted blog and an auto responder system. Your blog will house all of your content, thoughts and advertisements for your business. It is personal place you can take people to get to know you. Obviously, with billions of people on the internet each day, someone will run across your information and be interested. Having some sort of eye catching capture page in your blog that is visible, clean and offers value is important when trying to generate a lead. The capture page is where your potential prospects put in their contact information so you can contact them more easily.

An auto-responder system will help you with responding back to your traffic that you are being captured. This is a tracking device and a response tool that will email respond back to your leads. This will also house the contact information so you can personally call or email your lead to further educate them on your network marketing opportunity.

The key is to build a list of followers that become loyal t you. So what do you have on your blog?

Building Your Content

A very easy list building tip would be to learn how to build good content on your blog and on the internet. There are a couple steps in doing this. Since there are so many ways to get content onto the internet, let’s stick to the 2 that most people see: article marketing and video marketing.

Article marketing is one of the easiest mlm tools out there. You simple write an article or a piece of content that is relevant to the audience you are trying to draw in and submit it to article directories. The people that go to those directories will see your information and generally the directories will allow you to use links within your content so you can draw people back to your blog through those links.

Video marketing is one of the list building tips that is seriously overlooked. YouTube is one the most searched sites on the internet today and videos also help a person identify better with whom they would be doing business with as it is more visual. They key is to use relevant content to talk about, be confident and creative, and always have a call to action and keep it under 5 minutes if possible. This is a great way to draw people to you and eventually to your list.

Social Media

Another list building tip that should not be overlooked is the power of social media. Facebook and Twitter are everywhere these days. If that is where people are, you should be there too with your business. This is a great way to connect for free with people with similar likes and interests. One of the list building tips to be used when using social media is to reach out to groups of other network marketers or similar interests and have a conversation with them. You will find that there are other people out there as well who have the same mind set as you and are willing to look at what you have. A lot of times people have a phone number out there as well so don’t be afraid to reach out to them. If they didn’t want people to call, they wouldn’t have put their numbers out there in the first place.

So even though list building can be a challenge, these list building tips should help you get a head start in the right direction on being a top network marketer in any company you are with. Remember that having the right mlm tools in place will help to assure success in whatever network marketing opportunity you decide upon.

Source by Mark Manderville