Easy Ways To Get More Traffic To Blog Posts

Anybody can put up a blog or website today and be online in a matter of minutes. However without traffic that new website or blog will do you very little. Traffic generation does not have to be hard and there are many free methods you can use to get more traffic to blog and websites you own.

The first method is to have an active Facebook page that relates to your blog or website. Build up your fan page by commenting on other popular Facebook pages in your niche. Do not spam but actively engage in conversation. People will see your post and may check out your page, if they “like” your page you have them as an audience. Once you have a good sized fan base you can post links to new blog posts you put up and generate easy traffic.

Article marketing is another free but effective and time tested method to get more traffic to blog posts you write. Article marketing means that you are writing articles that relate to your niche and submitting them to top article web site directories like EzineArticles.

Each article you write and submit allows you to place links in the author resource box at the end of the article. When the reader gets done with the article they often click on the link to read more. So make sure your content is good quality so the reader has a reason to check out more of what you offer.

Asking other blog owners in your niche if you can supply them with a guest blog post in return for placing a few links in the article back to your site is a great way to get free traffic. As long as the content is 100 % unique to that blog and high quality most blog owners are more than happy to post free content!

If you want faster results you can always try pay per click to get more traffic to blog posts. Pay per click means that you are paying for each click you receive. One of the most popular programs is Google AdWords. Be careful with pay per click and set your daily budgets low to start or you could wind up owing a lot of money for a small return.

As you can see there are many easy and low cost ways to get more traffic to blog posts. Each method will require some work on your part but like anything the more you put in the more you get out. So stay focused and before you know it you will have lots of blog traffic!

Source by Dan Licamara