Ecommerce Equals Teen Commerce

Fact: There are about 12 to 15 million teens who visit the Internet everyday. Among these, about 80 percent of teenagers who go online visit retail sites. In April 2006 alone, eBay had 6.4 million teen users, meanwhile Amazon saw 3.5 million. In Apple, they saw 3 million, mostly on iTunes shopping.

Why are there so many teenagers who access the Internet? If you think about it, adults have more reasons to do it. First of all, they have jobs, and using the Internet for research and such will be of great benefit for them. Second, they have the resources- most adults have their own credit card, hence they can avail of the convenience of shopping online. However, it’s quite paradoxical that in reality, it is the opposite.

Teenagers, who mostly have no jobs yet and have no credit cards yet are more hooked to the Internet- particularly online shopping. Basically, teenagers are not necessarily always tech-savvy users. In fact, teenagers are more impatient and compulsive; hence, they are more likely to become victims of online scams and such. They are just less scared of the idea of the Internet compared to their parents. It is safe to assume then, that a huge part of the consumers hooked on the internet are teenagers.

Because of all this, most companies who participate in the world of Ecommerce tend to present their products as somewhat teenager friendly. As studies show, teenagers are more attracted to websites that look hip, cutting-edge and full of unique visual design. Thus, companies follow suit- they make sure that their websites are under this category, so more teenagers will visit them. Basically, companies strive to give their websites a “cool” vibe that will attract their consumer base.

So if you are a budding entrepreneur and you plan to start selling like hotcakes, one point should go into consideration: The main consumer base will be teenagers, ages 12 to 18. Hence, you should make sure your presentation catches their attention. Aside from making sure the website has cool graphics and a complete visually stimulating experience, you should make sure it is not too complex that the average teen will be thinking “This is so hard to understand. I’m getting bored. I give up”.

The second step to attracting the teen crowd is by displaying the price of the product or service you are offering after the first mentioning of the product. Teenagers are very price conscious, because of course, they do not have a lot of money yet since they are not yet working. So, if they don’t see a price right then and there, and if it is a price that seems unreasonably high, without a second thought they would close the window and move on to another, more interesting website.

Basically, the entire community of companies who display advertisements on the Internet and practically do their entire businesses online rely on the response from the biggest consumer base on the Internet- the teenagers. So, as it may seem, Ecommerce has become Teen commerce, and to be able to become successful businesses online, entrepreneurs have to understand the world of teenagers.

Source by Tina L Douglas

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