When you write articles on specific topics or niches they more than likely will get read. However, if you keyword optimize your articles you stand a far greater chance of getting your articles appearing in the place or places where your potential clients group together.

In order to increase the chances of your articles being read by someone who is interested in your niche you should include some keywords or keyword phrases in your articles. But it is important that you not get carried away. There are articles online that are so heavily dense with keywords that when you read them they are difficult to comprehend and sometime make no sense to the reader.

It is imperative that you avoid over-optimizing your articles as it will deter readers from completing your articles and getting to that all important resource box.

The best method of including keywords in your articles is to write a tightly niched article that revolves around a very tightly themed idea. This idea should be summarized in a couple of primary keywords or phrases.

So whilst you are writing your article, ensure that between one or three keywords are included and you will find that the finished product will be concise and be naturally keyword optimized.

Your aim should be to produce readable and informative articles whilst at the same time being aware of optimization techniques used by the professional article writers online. You are writing articles to attract as many potential subscribers in your site as possible.

Source by Janet B Cole