Finding Blogging Topics: Writing Down 10 Ideas Every Day

In this article I will teach you about how to find ideas for blogging. Without ideas for your blog posts and, in general, your blogging activities, blogging business, you probably will become dry over time. It’s really, really important for you to have those ideas. As James Altucher says, you have to become an idea machine over time.

Here is the plan for you to do this. It’s quite daunting, right, to write regularly, perhaps daily, on different topics to your audience and to come up with new information, new exciting information, not to repeat yourself too much. Although, repeating yourself is not necessarily a bad thing, because a lot of people consume your information in different ways, in different time, in different periods, in different length, using various audio, video, or text tools that they need. So it’s really not a bad thing to have a presence in text, audio, and video when we talk about sharing ideas with your audience.

How to have this idea every day? One of the easiest ways to think about this is to write down ideas every day. Make a list and carry your notebook for ideas with you all the time. For example, I have this small notebook which fits in my pocket, and I carry it with me all the time, all day long. Ideas for blogging would come to me when I take a shower, when I take a walk, anywhere in my day. It’s so powerful to have those ideas coming to you, but if you don’t carry this notebook with you, you will forget.

You will forget that even you had a great idea. Perhaps you don’t know that it’s a great idea or a bad idea, but for now, I would recommend you write 10 ideas a day, a list of 10 ideas a day. The way to do this is very simple. You think about the topic that is relevant to you in your area that you can use later on in your blogging business. One time a day, just once, you make a list of ideas related to this topic.

For example, it could have anywhere from 10 to 20 ideas, actually. As you are writing idea number one, two, three, it becomes easy, but somewhere around idea six, you might get stuck. Then, you have to think more deeply about it. The deeper you think, the more sweat you use in your idea muscle, because your brain really is some sort of muscle. It needs to have exercise, and coming up with ideas, actually, it’s a great exercise for the brain.

Those ideas can be about really anything, not necessarily connected to your blog. Since you are a blogger and have a specific topic, specific area, maybe it is very valuable for you to, for a certain amount of time, maybe for a month or maybe three months or maybe half a year, notate any kind of idea that comes to you about your blogging area. Then, you can expand on it in your blog post. It is that simple.

You can do this the next day or even the same day, which means that you could even write 10 blog posts per day if you want. If you want, you could have the best idea, you choose the best idea and write a blog post on that, or you could write one long-form blog post based on the points from your idea notebook for a certain day.

I know it might sound like a burden to you right now, but you have to believe me when I say this, it will pay off to you in no time. You will soon discover that ideas will flow to you sort of like from your muse. You will get inspired to write more creatively this way, more interestingly. The way to do this is always to notate at least 10 ideas a day.

Source by Vidas Pinkevicius