Blogging is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Everyone who has a little passion of writing articles can start blogging for money. Setting up and running cost of a blog is also very cheap and affordable for everyone. Working a few hours on your blog can give you more money than your full-time day job.

So, here are 3 steps to make money from blogging:

Make Money From Blogging Step 1.

  • Select a topic in which you have big interest. You must have good knowledge in this topic, because you have to write plenty of articles on it.
  • Once you select a topic, you need to know its competition and demand on Google AdWord Keyword Tool. Put some word phrases of your chosen topic on this keyword tool and take a search. Pick up some keywords which are less competitive and have at least 100 0 global monthly searches.
  • It would be better to pick up at least 30 low competitive keywords.
  • Now, it is time to write a few articles considering those keywords.
  • Once you write at least 10 articles, you need to set up a blog with or
  • Your Blog url should be short, descriptive and related to your chosen topic.

Make Money From Blogging Step 2.

  • Publish your articles on your blog. Thereafter, post 2 articles daily on your blog straight 2 weeks.
  • Once your blog has 30 – 40 posts, you should apply for Google AdSense. Also, join other ad networks like ‘Text Link Ads’, ‘Bidvertiser’, ‘Kontera’, ‘Chitika’ etc.
  • If you join the sites listed above, you will get codes of ads. Place these ad codes on the top of the blog and the corners.
  • The color of ads should be match with the background of the blog.

Make Money From Blogging Step 3.

  • It is the final part, now you need to bring visitors on your blog.
  • Optimize your blog for search engines and get traffic from those.
  • Go to and submit your blog. It will submit your blog to dozens of search engines.
  • Keep writing and posting articles on your blog.
  • Use keyword frequently while writing articles. It will attract search engine spiders.
  • Submit your articles to lots of article directories and get instant traffic on your blog.

It is a brief guide on how to make money from blogging. But, to do all of these effectively, you need a good eBook on blogging that guide you on every steps.

Source by Alan Sahu