Giving Up Your Guest Blogging for Authorship

Guest blogging has been a great way for marketers to reach new audiences while building back links to their sites, but those days seem to be numbered. Google has been hinting for a while now about cracking down on guest blogging, mostly because it is seen as a low-quality addition to the scope of the niche the blog is about. Admittedly, most guest blogs are poorly veiled attempts at gaining some links back to the author’s site, but that’s not to say there aren’t some amazing guest blog posts out there.

But instead of letting those amazing guest blog posts you’re doing get lumped up with the horrible blogs that are out there, why not take full advantage of your post?

Going for Authorship with Google

It’s clear that Google doesn’t want to allow just any links to create merit for your site, especially since a guest blog creating a back link is more of just a tit for tat situation. Google has stressed that they want the Internet to be useful place full of useful information and as such, they are rewarding useful links. Don’t believe us? Just look at how they hinted at that fact by telling you to use “no=follow” links in your guest blogs.

In place of these links, Google has given us another big hint to stay away from guest blogging for back links by implementing the Google Authorship. Whereas taking away relevance and weight from low-quality is a punishment that might spill over into honest guest blogs, Authorship is the reward that savvy content marketers and webmasters will take advantage of.

Google Authorship Equals Quality Rewards to Reward Quality

Google Authorship separates the good content from the bad content within the parameters of how Google’s search engines are going to view them. That’s the beauty of owning almost 70% of all the search traffic, you get to make your own rules and everyone has to play by them, although in this case, that might not be such a bad thing.

Google might be shoving the Authorship down our throats by taking away the links and guest blogging, but there are a number of advantages to the Authorship that really makes it worth your while. For example, establishing your Authorship immediately makes you seem more important and valid. It establishes you as an authority figure in your niche. Why? Because there you are, right on the SERPs with your name, your picture and your info taking up a ton of real estate.

Not only does this make you seem larger than the other results on the SERP, but it also helps you connect with viewers since they can see your face. As humans, we’re visual creatures and we like to see other human’s faces. Even if it’s on the Internet in a picture form, seeing the person whose advice you are taking is going to seem like a better option to viewers as opposed to just reading some random words that could’ve been written by anybody. When you see a face, you put stock into the words.

More is More

Plus, you are physically taking up more room on the SERP, meaning that there is less room for your competition above the fold. This increases the chance that people will click on your link if only for the simple fact that people are lazy, there you are, with your face, your authority from Google and scrolling down seems like such a chore.

None of this is even mentioning that Google always rewards people who play by their rules in the SERPs. The bottom line is to go with Authorship.

Source by Dean Henry