How Many Blog Posts Should You Publish in a Month?

You will discover that there are many tools by which you can use to promote your business when you put your service or a product online. Your primary tool, of course, is your own website where all the information and all your marketing strategies are laid bare so your target audience can patronize your services and products. Another online tool that can help you in your online promotional marketing strategy is blogging. It is short to say that blogs are the most used tool online to promote an Internet business. But what if you are new to blogging? How do you use blogging so it can result in an effective traffic for your site? This is where the perennial question about blogging comes in: how many blog posts should you publish in a month?

The real answer to the question of how many blog posts should you write and publish on your blog site is it depends. There are many angles and factors when it comes to effective blogging. Those who are experts and have experience using this online tool even differ on their approach regarding this issue. You can reach a dependable answer on this question by following your instincts. But less, you forget, it is not blogging if you only post once a year. Definitely, it is not.

So what should you consider when deciding on how many blog posts should you publish in a month? You must know that there are bloggers who post 3-4 times within a day and there are those who merely publish posts once a week. Both of these types of bloggers, unexpectedly, can do well in their business and get away with the frequency of their blog postings. You can apply this to your own online business by finding the publishing frequency that is appropriate with yours.

Say, if you have a technology and gadgets blog, you can probably blog 3-4 times a day. This usually entails a lot of writers working behind your blog site. The reason behind the frequency in this kind of blog is the inherent nature in technology-based blogging. There is the factor of fast-paced development and news going on regarding technology. Moreover, the demand for constant information on this subject is overwhelming. If you have a different topic or business, then apply your frequency of blogging in conjunction with the nature of your business.

In spite of the many factors that play behind how much you should blog in a month and the different advices you may get from experts in the field, the bottom line is that the more you blog the more traffic you get for your site. This is something that cannot be denied. The more blog posting you have done for your online business makes search engine index these posts. This inevitably will generate traffic for you. A typical modest blogging activity of 15 posts in a month will generate an estimated 50% increase in traffic if blogging is increased by 45 blog postings. So that basically answer your question on how frequent should you publish in your blog per month.

Source by Ern E. Banawa