How To Choose A Blog Topic

Break Your Options Down

Choosing topics to blog about need not be a big task, but you do need to go about it the right way. Choosing the right topic to blog about is a make or break for your business. You need your content to be engaging whatever the purpose of it may be. When you make it truly engaging for your readers, you will find people sharing it left right and centre.

So how do you go about choosing a topic?

The easiest way is to break down the different purposes of your content, I.E what you are trying to achieve with what you are putting on your blog. People are always moaning and whining that they don’t have anything to blog about, or they struggle to think of ideas. The reason people don’t know what to write about is because they haven’t broken down their options and that is what I am going to take you through now.

Option 1 – Instruct

The first option or should I say purpose of your content, is instructional. You can write about a particular topic and do it in an instructional manner. Now this can be a step by step piece or it can be slightly more general, but these kinds of posts tend to be very structured and created in a way that people can take action steps very easily from it. For example this may include a step by step blog post on how to set up a You tube account, or it could be a post on changing the headlight bulbs on your car. As with every piece of content you put out there, it should be audience specific and give value to those reading it. As long as people find the value they will be more than happy to share your content and once it goes viral, you can create a huge influx of traffic to your blog.

Option 2 – Entertain

Sometimes people just want to be entertained, how you choose to do this is entirely up to you. Depending on the niche you are marketing in, entertaining people can be difficult but it can also be easy. Personally I like to include these every now and again, but I try to write in a way that makes people smile anyway, after all what’s the point if you aren’t smiling!

Anyway there are different ways to do this, personally if you are going to do an entertaining piece, it is a good idea to use video because it is far easier to be entertaining in my opinion. If you are in front of a camera, you will come across naturally entertaining, or people are going to find your presenting skills amusing. Trust me when I say this, it isn’t such a bad thing, some very popular You tube channels started from poorly presented videos.

Another option you have is to write a bug bare list. This is one of those lists of things that relate to your niche and aggravate you incessantly. People will relate to these and find them amusing at the same time, as long as its written in good taste.

Option 3 – Re-write content

Re-writing peoples content is fine, but this does not mean you can plagiarise it either. If you are going to do this you need to add your own analysis and points, writing everything in your own style. It is okay to use their ideas and expand on them, you may even want to link to other outside sources that people will find useful. The internet is crying out for content and if you can expand on work that is already out there, then you are doing a great service to people in your niche.

Option 4 – Blog about what you learn

The easiest way of coming out with new content, is to simply write about what you learn. Learning is an ongoing process, you should always be learning new skills. In our case it is learning how to market online, learning advertising skills, sales, content writing, day to day running of the business, the list goes on. The point is every time you learn a new skill which relates to your niche you should write about it. If you are already a fountain of knowledge it shouldn’t be an issue. All you are doing is sharing your expertise within a particular subject, if you aren’t already an expert, make yourself one it’s really that simple.

Source by Joe Richard Searle