How to Choose Content for Your Blog

Are you stuck about what type of content you should post on your blog? There are so many types of posts you can use to help you come up with just the right content that will engage your audience, and help you convert visitors.

Video Content

Just because you have a blog doesn’t mean all the content has to be written. You can also add video content. To help the search engine find the content, write a good description, fill out that alt information, and give the video a relevant name. You can also add a transcript.

Well-Placed Images

Don’t forget to add images to your blog post that help enhance the meaning of your post and grab the attention of your visitors. Remember to give the image a relevant name. For example, don’t name it “IMG423”; give it a descriptive name like “steakcookingdemo” instead.

“How-to” Content

Everyone loves reading good how-to content and tutorials. Anything you can show your audience how to do is fodder for a good tutorial post. You can add images, text, and video to enhance the usefulness of these posts.

Industry News

Keeping up to date on industry news is a great way to show what an expert you are and to provide that information to your readers without them having to look elsewhere. If they realize that you are a good one-stop for the information they need, they’ll come to you first.

Controversial Content

Sometimes you want to stir the pot. The reason is that it can cause your content to go viral. But do this with caution. If you can cause good controversy and not negative controversy, that’s even better.

List Article

The article you’re reading right now is a list article. This is a good way to provide information in chunks that people like reading. Reading content without headings can be hard on the eye and cause people to click away. A good list is easy to read and to write.


These are useful types of content that you can use as content upgrades to help people transition to your list. Add them to the content you have already created when relevant, and require a sign-up to get the download.


Any niche offers an opportunity to earn a little extra income by conducting reviews and linking to the product that you recommend in the review. Sometimes a company may decide they like the reviews you have done on your own, and ask to work with you by providing free products too.

Problems and Solutions

This is a terrific type of blog post that is very interesting for your readers. If you can describe a problem and then tell them about the different solutions that are available (including yours), they may click the link to the offer and you’ll earn money.

Source by Jon Allo