How To Create A Great Animated Marketing Video?

Before we delve into this, let’s look at why use videos.

Videos are great for spreading details of your products and services. You can send across your marketing message quickly and clearly to a larger audience using an explainer video.

But why use animated marketing videos?

Animated marketing videos give us much more flexibility than a conventional video shot with camera, lights and real models. Also you can create an animated video at a fraction of the cost of conventional video

There is also a major advantage in using animated marketing videos. Viewers readily accept cartoon video without questioning the actions and movements on a cartoon video. Why? Because almost all of us are used to cartoons from our childhood; and we accept and enjoy cartoon videos. We also accept any action on cartoon video without questioning it. We enjoy when a tiny mouse swallows a cheese many times bigger than him. This is precisely one reason to use cartoon videos for your marketing needs. You can present your marketing message without the viewer questioning or being skeptical about it.

Now we will look at the basics involved in making a great animated marketing video. We need to start with a marketing message, the script, voice over, video production and finally publishing the video

The message

First and foremost, you decide what the message is that you want to send across to your viewers. To put it in another way, what is it that the viewer must get when he or she completes watching the video.

The script

Once you identify the message, you should create the script to convey the message to the viewer. A script can make or break your video. So give it maximum care.

Voice Overs

Once the script is completed, you can make the voice over. There are a number of professional voice over services available today. You only need to search on the net to locate one. will be a good start. Once you select an artist send the script to him or her. Explain what tone and mood you are expecting from the voice over.

Video production

Once your script and voice over is ready, it is time to look into video production.

Here you have two options for producing the animated marketing video. Give it to a video professional or do it yourself. Most professional use high-end programs like Adobe Premier and Adobe After effects. Unless you already know these programs well, it is better to leave them alone. It can take a very long time to master it to produce a professional quality video.

But you still have the option to create decent videos on your own. There are special programs for creating animated or whiteboard animation videos today; Goanimate, Videoscribe, Powtoon are just a few. You still need to learn to use these software, but these can be mastered much faster than Premier or After Effect

Publishing Video

Once you completes your animated marketing video, then it is time to publish it. You can upload it to your own website or you can load it on a video hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo and embed it in your site. For most users using YouTube or Vimeo will be a better choice. Nothing wrong in hosting the video on your site; but it will start eating up your bandwidth and if many viewers watch your video chances are you may run out of your bandwidth limit. But if you use YouTube or Vimeo you do not have these issues. Once you publish it on any of these video hosting service, you can embed the video on your site. You can also encourage your viewers to embed it on their site to get maximum views.

Source by Suresh Pavakkulath