How to Make Money From Blogs – Cashing in Like the Pros

So, you love to blog: putting your thoughts, ideas and opinions out there for all to see, writing reviews, sharing your take on the latest news, pontificating about the latest scandal surrounding Britney Spears, etcetera. You love posting, building a readership and the act of actively creating something. If only you can find a way to make some sort of living from it. If only you knew how to make money from your blogs, then life will be all the sweeter right?

Truth is, some people are blogging for a living and making some serious cash. Like professional athletes there are superstar bloggers who make six figure incomes doing what most others do just for the fun or glory of it. However, a closer look will show that, like any other hardworking pro, high earning bloggers do not just find their blogs falling into a great big pile of cash. Instead these bloggers work hard at getting their work recognized, applying all the tools to get them noticed, and selling their blog to both the public as well to the business sector.

Tools of the trade

While being a good writer is always up there on the list of requirements, a high earning blogger will also know a thing or two about HTML code, keyword placement, page rank, the importance of comments, RSS feeds, track backs, plus a whole bunch of other Web 2.0 terms that have cropped up this past decade. Having a bit of “web savvy”, as it is called, is mandatory if you want to get your blog noticed and make it saleable. It is also important to be OK with the idea of placing ads along the side of your blog since advertising, most specifically, pay per click (PPC) ads, are the most popular revenue source from blogs.

There are writers who do blog directly for a specific product or service, writing what amounts to copy in blog form. There are also writers who found how to make money from blogs by finding a good niche that becomes an ideal situation for targeted advertisers. Both these types of writers have learned how to make money from blogs by working hard on it and finding a market and niche that appeals to them.

Source by Jonathan R. Behrens