The latest opportunity to make money from blogging is by writing reviews for advertisers through LinkFromBlog. LinkFromBlog is a new website which allows bloggers to earn money from their blog by writing reviews about the advertiser’s services or products. Although, it is a lot similar to other paid-reviews site such as PayPerPost, Blogsvertise and Smorty – LinkFromBlog looks very promising for bloggers like you and me.

Earning money from paid reviews is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Also, there are no issues of a review being illegal or unethical. LinkFromBlog allows you to monetize your blog in a very easy way.

There are a lot of features that gives LinkFromBlog an edge over its competition. One of the most helpful features is that they allow the advertiser to search for a blogger choosing a parameter of their choice. They offer an array of parameters to advertisers for selecting the blog they want to advertise on. An advertiser can select the blog based on its Page Rank, Alexa Rank, Domain Age, Country, Language, backlinks etc.

One of the most attractive features about LinkFromBlog for bloggers is that they do not charge any kind of commission from bloggers. This is really a great point to encourage more and more quality bloggers to enter their market place.

LinkFromBlog offers a quick and easy registration process with minimum fuss. Also, it offers a very simple interface to the user to add blogs into the account dashboard. But each blog is activated only after it is approved by the site administrator. The approval is done by placing an invisible counter at the bottom of any one of your post. This counter code is given to you on the completion of your registration process. LinkFromBlog claims that this invisible counter will allow them to guess how many ‘real’ people have read your post. On the acknowledgement of this – the blog is approved. This process allows LinkFromBlog to maintain high standard blogs in their market place.

All approved bloggers can send an invitation to write advertiser reviews by choosing advertisers from a list. The advertiser can then accept or reject your invitation. He also has the capacity to send you a counter-offer in case the price you set for him is not favorable. However, it is important that you carefully go through the requirements of an advertiser before you write a review. It is his choice if he wants to send the review for re-editing or decline it directly.

Source by Anil Garg