Blogs, and blogging to make money is now a fantastic way for anyone to start their own online


Yes it really is possible for someone with little or no computer skills, to quickly set up a blog and earn hundreds to thousands of dollars by blogging.

There are free sites available on the internet where anyone can set up a blog.

The 2 best sites, in my opinion, are and is owned by

Google. Both of these sites are completely free and easy to use.

Simply go to one of these sites, log in and follow the simple steps. In minutes your blog will be up and running.

Now, how do we make money blogging? The quickest and easiest tool is to put Google AdSense on your blog. AdSense is Google’s advertising platform. Advertisers pay Google to show their ads on thousands of blogs and websites across the internet.

Every time a visitor to your blog clicks on an ad, Google shares some of the revenue with you. AdSense is absolutely free for you to set up on your blog.

Have you ever heard of affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is simply selling someone else’s product and you get paid a commission for doing it. The best products to sell would be products that relate to the topic of your blog. You can find products all over the internet that you can get paid affiliate commissions for. One of the largest affiliate programs is They have thousands of digital products on almost every topic that you can be an affiliate for. You can sign up for free and start affiliate marketing right away.

Don’t forget, a blog is a website. Any product, service or information that can be sold on the internet can be sold on a blog.

Source by Daniel F Lyons