How to Setup Blogs and Make Money Online

I will try to cover as much as I can here but you will need to do a little more digging on your own. WordPress is a free blogging tool that is already available for a quick point- and- click install inside most webhosting accounts and aside from the installation you need to know the following three basic things.

Blog use

Blog customization

Blog plugins

Before you set out to start using blogs to make money, learn to use them. Especially how to make posts, manage posts, edit posts, manage users, post videos, insert images, etc. These are the basic things you do with your blogs, so learn them. I don’t see any sense in trying to get a job when you cannot use the tool with which the job is to be done.

Blog customization: all blogs look alike on first install. This is the default setting and you need to know how to work your way around customizing the blogs you do. So that even if you work on 100 0 blogs, you can have a unique new feel for each one, each time and the key to doing this are the WordPress themes.

WordPress themes are pre-made designs which you install in minutes and it switches the whole of your WordPress blog like magic into a new fresh design, radically different from what was formally obtainable just like you waved a magic wand of some sort. Once this is installed, you then go a step further into adding your custom logo, themes, etc. You can find a free WordPress theme by making a research on Google.

Blog plugins are tools that help you extend your basic blog functions. For instance, you can decide to turn your blog into a membership website with the appropriate plugin or you can pre-set 100 blog posts and have a plugin deliver it sequentially so that every time your visitors visit your blog, they see something new. Another example of what plugins can do is to let you know who visits your site, most viewed articles, insert social media functionalities like Twitter or Facebook, etc.

Now that you have learnt about blogs, it’s time to put the knowledge to practice and actually do it all. The first thing you need to do is register a domain name and get a webhosting package. Once your hosting account is setup, login to the control, search for Fantastico Deluxe, click it, look for WordPress on next page, click it and follow the instructions to have your blog up and running. The next thing will be to login to the blogs control panel usually at and you start working on all the things I described above. Start identifying your customers and begin selling your skill to them. If you do this long enough with a focus mind you will reach the millionaire mark through blogging.

Source by Modestus Uwadi