How to Start Blogging in 2020 | Step-by-Step Demo

As Martin Luther King said of one the treaty the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago or today’s second best times one day the best time to start a blog was 5 years ago, but the second best time is today i am going to go over all the steps in how to create a blog why you want to do it hangs so close after the brief introduction will dig right in and we’ll get started [Music] [Music] hello guys, this is Ben Arkell passive automation comm has a great video to you today on how to start one blog now a lot of people can have posted on blogs you shouldn’t have one my mate who started a blog six months ago he shows up first page of Google rankings get one lots of free organic traffic that leads to conversions, so I have some notes down here I refer as we go, but this is my channel and Arkell passive income automation if you do advantage of pressing the subscriber button and the clock message you will be notified when it comes out with new videos you can search in this video section check out all the videos we have to offer there is very good content you can learn a lot of things that I have learned learned, the ease may have been watch a video instead of making hard way, but let’s jump right in and talk about a blog why a blog okay a blog is a good long term strategy so you are don’t start a blog to get rich today right, it just doesn’t happen, it is a long-term strategy it is an inorganic strategy that means people who searches on Google or there is click on a link and social that you have posted or they have seen someone else share something they find yours blog that way, so it’s a great way if you do not have money to put behind the ad use you can just place relevant content content that answers a question and people can find your blog.


I want to show you as an example let’s turn this next page my blog passive automation don’t worry that I just started in February and March, I got it all set up, and then you will see, I had 55 views and 49 news those views were probably more of mine Click on my own articles and try to figure things out, but I will show you drill that happens went from 49 use of March 213 and April in May to 450 June 430 kind of stabilized on July 534 another little accident August 5th in September so far 500 and we still have a week left so I want more by the end of September than I had in July so it will hold drawing what will happen but if there comes another shock and then I’m starting to be in a thousand a month and then I will probably be stable stabilized flatlines slightly and then it goes to five thousand and ten days should continue to grow in order and that’s what you want it to be one Organic Strategy It is a long term strategy my other blog called to share don’t worry, four years ago I got you know a few thousand views a month now I get 200,000 views a month okay it works but you have to be in it too long term okay all the notes for this video i am must stand up I must have my blog.

This is to go for the pass of automation don’t worry how to start a blog for beginner steps for steps, I’m not done with everyone details okay but I will and I put one link in the description and then maybe not be active right away but you can come back and referral that goes to my website so the first thing I wanted on it touch on real quick is when you start one blog declares your purchase and find your niche that many people hear this and they go and that’s it most annoying thing ever, but if you get a lot if you can do a good job nail down what you are interested in, i I recommend that you do something that you are interested in because if not you are not will write content about it my one blog called the share is all about religious stuff and really just stories that are interesting to me pass of automation comments on people who find freedom through the marketing of passive income, which is really interesting to me okay so don’t just say oh i know a huge market for automobile cars batteries I would love it I know car batteries and I see them margins, and I want Celes is fine if you don’t interested in writing about car batteries don’t go into that niche okay so what are you interested in now if you get others to write content for your site might look fine you don’t have to be interested in it.

I know someone who you created a blog just specifically for clickfunnels and I don’t think he’s really interested, but yeah anyone else writes the content so it is not that big of a problem, but all the more you can niche down and solve a specific one problem and be a resource manager Google rewards you for being okay Now some think about considering when you Get better at trying to find your niches are other people interested, so if you is interested in sewing on a yacht is other people adapt, and then another yacht as if you were writing about articles about how to stabilize your hand when you sew and yah and all this it’s probably not too many people there so, so you also need to pay attention of the fact that there must be potential readers okay guys and the last one things you want to consider niches are their products you can sell to them are there are things that you can go through which you can offer if you are not likely do not want to spend your time building up this you know all this content if you may not make money, but there are some research that okay now I want to move quickly through this I will not spend lots of time, but I’d like to Make sure you understand what’s next steps would be K as far as a blog set up what you need is a domain name URLs up here like passive automation com it’s something you have to choose and it must be unique that no one else can have that there are some good resources for you Bluehost can help you be there others resources as a base I prefer place what I can do is sign the crown so they perform web hosting they do domain names.

I can go to the site I have a link in my article, but I can basically go to them and go in the chat say hello i want to start a blog I want this URL, they are like hi me Make sure you can see if it is available and they check it for you you can also I believe in this blog post I have here you actually want to enter to see one Bluehost if there is another domain available name you can do the same The site crown is okay, but you can contact site ground I did this on chat I like I want this URL, they said okay, and they found it for visits hey I’m registered for use as $ 20 this register $ 15.99 so they did it for me and then i also need web hosting and web hosting is where all your files and all your data is stored and SiteGround so does Bluehost there are some others, but I recommend psycho Bluehost is also a good apps good opportunity and in the article I have you has associated links to both of these if You want to look at them more though SiteGround lets you get this setup once you make it your very first step must do what you want to do is you actually installs your blog software as I recommend WordPress and now this is within sight of the ground rear end so once they have created that domain for you and then you’ve told the psyche about hi i will create an account with you say okay this set up and then all you do is basic click on this button and install that and support can help you with that but WordPress for those who do not know it is an open source software to create websites and blogs, it’s the best there really isn’t much in it debate you have to work press org and learn more about it if you want ah linked so well in my article, so now that you have done what you have all that is set up, it’s time to like doing the meeting for the entire blog, which creating content, that’s the hardest thing things to do right by creating content thinking of ideas so I give you some tips for content on a blog then There is a site called Answered public okay this is a funny guy you just stand there if you kind of waiting think we did you can basically enter any keyword and he will tell you what content if so you write, let’s just enter that fly only for the heck and few questions and what it will do is have to search the Internet and it goes to create a list of questions that you can be used to basically respond to your blog so here we go collecting your data this may take some time, but okay here you go as if all these lists are ours flight bad for our environment planes safer than cars how our kids is designed to handle turbulence when the aircraft started to know when today orphans come out why planes don’t fly faster, so you can see that there are only tons of information aircraft for sale flights for sale cheap flights can not flying over kaaba their pens can be hacked in comparisons such as aircraft and submarines all know ships so it is very very very helpful information you can see what people are looking for what questions do they have what comparisons look at and you can Use this base as a starting point for content you want to create Another thing, it’s a real one good for content idea Chris digital did this is a friend of mine, he has six best affiliate marketing Facebook groups for serious affiliates, what he does is just basically just share his information on what is relevant to his niche and he highlighted six groups of people on Facebook who have good groups this one is an automation nation, he pits this list based on the main mission nation and what he did and explained about this group because what it is, how many members, but whatever he does, he is have affiliate links for this build to preneur site yes affiliate links to this course okay so what he is doing is giving information, but he also puts his affiliate links in there, he also makes is he creates rapport with his people because Spencer sees that Chris wrote this article about it and Spencer’s a slightly flattered rather expensive feelings good with himself Chris feels good Spencer feels good, you know here is another example Jacob Jacob Chris is another person there Chris mentioned and he another link to Chris’s course so excuse me Jacobs of course, so Chris delivers this information what you can do in it no matter what niche you are looking at people around you who are influential people and write about them right share information about those who are one great way to create content and build bridges and people like to be highlighted okay, so what i’ll do is if I am on Facebook and I see some and posts everything a group can do around theirs own status I think awesome having one lots of good information what is it I will save that on Facebook I will save that post under blog ideas and what i should does is that i reach as an example this post I have not finished it anyway, it’s just in draft mode, but this guy called Sam Richard in a group he shared tent-like, what would you do to make yours first $ 1,000 in affiliate commission if you had to start from scratch and he listed ten things and it was incredible everyone in the group reading it was like wow Sam this is amazing this is best answer I couldn’t have said that better so I reached out to salmon I said Sam I love what you said I’ve seen recorded podcasts and mentioned you know your comment, that’s okay, me too will write a blog post about it is that a right and he came back to me said yeah man that’s awesome i really appreciate what we would appreciate shout if you just link to my blog which is a cool reptile pillar just set it in there, but he was flattered right I have content it’s a win-win the cool thing about it too this is later, Sam invited me to this as a private chat group in Facebook with some other people and he would have never did it because he didn’t know who it was, but the fact that I highlighted his stuff, I appreciated what he delivered the market he reset to me there is one that is a quote in a verse of Scripture that says what you send out must return to again return to you again and recover, that’s kind as you reap what you sow, truly think it’s cool when you can fill out the people they want to get back to so good and then some other ideas for content or think of evergreen topics so if you are in the market for as online marketing as how to build how to use email marketing, how to create a blog, how to use YouTube right there things that will always be relevant to people and then create topics around it is important that there is one too tentpole events I want to read this definition if you do not know what a tentpole event is, but it is cultural topics are new news that is a lot popular with large audiences and they got the name of the tent pole in connection with big blockbuster movies they used to use have, and it would topped my school earnings supposed to make every year try finding items that are tent pole they are just like tendency, so one way to do it is to use Google Trends and as you can imagine if you go to Google Trends, you can search any term and you can see what the trajectory is, so I entered area 51, and which you can’t imagine much going on, but you know there was one certainly if a recovery okay an area 51 things and it goes down but this is a great tool for what content you try to write about if you enter here and see if it’s one upward trend, it is something you might want to consider writing about it these are some content ideas lots of other ways to get you content can even search on Google like how create content you know you like some ideas, but I just want to put a few of these ideas in your mind now you reach has this content written what you need get traffic to your blog.


I need to talk about traffic really fast one of the main ways I show you one my sites are called to share and this has been in the last year 600,000 of mine views came from Facebook okay now Of course Facebook they do not love you share links there and saw the way that I have most of that traffic is within groups so no matter what your niches try Join relevant groups and see if there are groups that allow you to share yours some of them do not connect some of them just want it to be you know you just are help each other they do not want link sharing, but some do it again as you can see this is the biggest number one traffic sewer source for me that’s Facebook in again I’d say one majority that are from groups now secondly, you can see search engines and if you put this down for me, you know Google search just kills it, so what all you have to do is try to do a lot good job on your SEO and there are some tools you can use are plug-in is called Yoast SEO and basically you are think i had yes i have an article i am will then show you what you notice The CEO down here makes it a plugin okay and it tells you all the things you want need so there is an SEO analysis but close this okay so it’s talking about having something in red is something that has not done everything green i have done it so i have one out ballot paper they like outbound links they like internal links to your blog they want your key phrase lengths to be a source or length, so this is focus key phrase okay they want the key sentence in the title so my central phrase here is not in my title of my blog so they recommend I put it in there they just basically give you bullet points of what to do for has a good SEO so I would recommend it you do it as your SEO is better ad things are consistent when using your key phrase in your title and in your metadata and your links and your images and Google notes that and again that’s what allows me to have one one hundred and sixty-five thousand people in the last year came to my side because of Google search and it happens mainly because of good search engine optimization I would like to show you a third traffic driver like Pinterest okay so Pinterest this is not my Pinterest accounts for the same site, but you know Pinterest you basically have all your different boards, I’ve carried it especially for blogging tips just as well if I click on this blog for tips it takes me here, and then you know there is a blog about fifty-five of best free blogging tools for beginners okay so if you click this it will take you over to here and this is a site this is not my website but they basically give it here are fifty-five of the best blogging beginner tools okay photo editing tools with canva Pixlr feed cube root source research tools serve document sites now a lot of these not all of them but many of them are affiliate links right then people who have affiliate links that certainly these are email marketing providers now have this blog many links, but there is not a ton content as if you were it’s actually something I am considering doing is writing a similar article, but creates more content because they give you some snippets of each, but there are not many pictures that really explains you how to use stuff, so this is something I could does, but improves it okay so Pinterest is again a huge traffic provider there are other options like Twitter I use Twitter a lot, I will once I’ve posted an article I want to share there and these are just some others sites that I have shared mine things okay now in terms of blog optimization let’s just jump back here really fast blog optimization to do that as best we could, we talked about us plugin talked about that one article that had 55 of the best tools you can use them to help grow your blog and have all the different software you needed one thing I wanted to highlight was neil patel dot-com he is i will not seek it because I’m doing technique maybe take too much time, but Neil Patel is everyone ILP atl he is a blogger has created one great resource for information for those who blog time to know on keywords, how did you use it best keywords how to get traffic, how to optimize your site just amazing there is so much content online about how to create a blog just as much one interesting and the amazing thing that which I have just learned recently is also one psychic medium comm medium is basically a free blog platform where anyone can post their links, what you can do is you can create a link from one of yours posts put it in there and it is filled your entire blog post just within meeting medium so if I could duplicate Some people say that a duplicate post is not good so you might just or cards near posted medium and have people you know maybe put half your mail and medium and then save for the full record go for passive automation calm right so there are just many ways to share your content after you have had a blog post up, but I want to see if anything otherwise a little shows you excuse me fire no, I think that’s it, you got it questions on how to start a blog Again guys this is a long term strategy of a blog called safe comm started in 2014 to get a few thousand views a month now I know you 50 to 250,000 views in a month is something that will keep growing, keep Buddhism content and get 20 30 40 articles now a super great tip I will give you one Many people don’t do that when you first have it Created an article going back every couple weeks every few months and update it add new content makes it longer Make sure it answers more questions Make sure to use plugins one thing In fact, let me show you about plugins so plugins are these, it’s a plugins can be anything it can be social sharing things right it can be things like this work I have a table of contents plug-in or I want seven to ten step right here so they can click this, and it bounces right down to next place so plugins are really cool there are lots of fun things you can do with plugins, but if you have any question leave a comment below you blogging let me know if you want to leave one link to your blog in the comments i love to follow with love to see what you’re doing, but blogging guys are thinking about online real estate the more content you can produce the more you can put yours name out there, the more you can put yours comment content on blogs and YouTube feeds on YouTube as said long term People start blogging every day, though guess what they quit, so don’t keep going don’t think you’ll see success right away because you will not have to late gratification.