How to Use Blogging for SEO Link Building

Link building is a huge part of search engine optimization today. Just as every page of your website hast to be peppered with the right keywords at the right frequency, your keywords need to be linking into your site from other valuable websites. One way to do this is to start up a blog on a subject that directly interlinks with your website.

If you’re thinking that you can link back to your website from that blog, you are only scratching the surface of what blogging can do for your SEO campaign. In order to take this strategy to deeper levels and get the biggest reward, you have to extend a warm hand of welcome to other bloggers within your niche.

The Hand of Welcome

Too many beginning bloggers take a super competitive view of other bloggers writing on similar topics as theirs. They think of these other blogs as the competition to beat, which is a correct summary of the situation. The problem is they watch these blogs with the goal of one-upping them and overtaking them, without ever seeing the opportunity to bond together as a community.

Why would anyone want to treat their competition as a community? Why would a blogger want to embrace another blogger who writes on exactly the same topics they want to target? Bloggers with good SEO sense want to do create this community atmosphere because it furthers their goal to establish reputable back links to their website.

Even bloggers who don’t have websites to promote will eventually come around to see the value of extending a warm hand of welcome to other bloggers writing about similar topics. Here is the rationale:

• All bloggers are different even if they write on the same subjects. The best blogs will have a personal touch that makes them stand apart from others. This is why those serious about a subject will follow multiple blogs. Therefore, high quality bloggers don’t worry much as much about losing out to competitors.

• Connecting with other bloggers gets your blog noticed by their established readers. Even if they post negative comments about your blog, you will get visitors when others link to your blog.

• Working as a community establishes an endless network for link building that benefits every blogger involved. This makes other bloggers want to join in, which extends the network of linking.

So, if you are a good blogger adding valuable posts on a consistent basis you can join with other blogger writing on similar topics and create a network of valuable linking opportunities. When you find something of value in another blog you blog about it with a link back to them. Send that blogger a quick message so they can check out their new link. In many cases, they will link back to you in some way.

This creates a network of links to your blog, which boosts the ranking and value of your blog. That enables the blog to link back to your website in a more powerful way. You may even get some direct links from other bloggers to your website once you become established.

The catch here is you can’t link just for the sake of linking. Every post you make should not include a link to another blogging or your own website. Create a useful blog others find valuable and entertaining and the links will fit in naturally.

Source by Cheow Yu Yuan