How To Use Online Video Marketing Tactics To Skyrocket Your Sales

Online video marketing tactics must be effective for businesses to spend for billions of video advertisements. A record-breaking 10 billion video advertisements were viewed in May this year by over 180 million internet users in the U.S according to a press release by comScore, Inc., the leading source of information on digital business analytics through its comScore Video Metrix service

If you are a business owner, are your online video marketing ads among the 10 billion viewed by 52 percent of the U.S population in May? The online ad viewing statistics is too big to ignore. Studies show that video advertising is a very effective marketing tactic in creating brand awareness.

Using Video in Online Marketing

Online advertising is sharing information about your products or services to your target customers online. For your audience to really understand what you are trying to impart there are stages in sharing information which usually starts with a launch of your products or services. In these different stages of online advertising, videos are the most effective tool to have a better communication with your target audience.

1. Product or Service Launch – Introduce your service or product using an informative video showing how the product looks or how the service works. There is much information that a video can share much better than mere words.

2. Product Testimony Videos – No advertisement is more believable than a product testimony from your existing customers.

3. Staff Video – Show the competence of your staff in a video featuring a real employee explaining the service you offer or a how to procedure.

4. Benefits from Your Product or Services – Sometimes the ads don’t have to say much. Let the video show the benefits that customers can enjoy by using the products or services you offer.

5. Video in E mails – According to marketing research, emails with embedded videos double or triple the click through rates of just plain emails.

6. Promotional Offers, Contests – These events usually run for a limited time only. You’ll need an exciting and colorful video to create awareness of the promotional offers or contests in the shortest possible time.

There are many other ways to promote your company, products or services. However, they can only be consistently effective if done with a well-planned marketing strategy.

Video Marketing Strategies

Marketing strategies determine the success or failure of your online advertising. It’s important to carefully consider the following:

1. Content – What should be in the video to make your audience view it to the end?

2. Sharing Platforms – Although YouTube is very popular, there are other sites to consider such as: Hulu, BrightRoll Video Network, and more.

3. Keywords – The right keywords are needed to rank high and ensure visibility in video sharing sites.

4. Promotion – This is needed to maximize the exposure of your video.

Most user-generated clips are produced and uploaded without any video marketing strategies. Luckily, some of them catch the attention of viewers to generate millions of hits. However, for businesses, it is a must to have a well-planned video marketing strategy.

Source by Oliver F Momeni