Reciprocity is the giving of something to someone without expectation of reward; though reward almost always follows. It is a psychological bond between humans and the most powerful psychological trigger at that. The interesting things is that you can apply the law of reciprocity on the internet to build a huge list of prospects and get a lot of traffic and sales in return.

Imagine if you see someone on your way somewhere and you smile to the person or say hi, you are likely to receive a thank you or a reciprocating smile almost immediately. That thank you or smile may be your reward. This may not happen 100 % of time but most of the time it does. Imagine that you give something to someone; or help someone you don’t owe anything do something without expecting anything in return…

If it happens that you later invite this person to come take a peep at something you are doing, he will probably respond. Do you know why? I’ll tell you why – you have initially extended him a hand of friendship.

There is nothing that you sell that do not have something about it you can give away free of charge. If you sell TV, you may package a manual… May be every six months as technology change and new products are released to the market; showing you prospects the different types of TV in the market, the good and bad things to note about each type and the prices they are sold for so that your prospects are not reaped off.

In this manual, tell them why they are of advantage to buy from your store. When you give them this and take their contact information down, don’t you that this is a good way of collecting good leads? When you do that, you have the opportunity of mailing them next issue of your newsletter showing them your new packaged deals, financing and other.

A very successful example of someone who used a similar technique to grow a modest liquor store into a $50,000,000 business is Gary Vaynerchuck. Gary, an ordinary man who grew up in Jersey helping out in the family business: saw an opportunity to become a market leader to reckon with in the wine niche. He noticed that many of his customers were interested in wine and they were ready to buy more expensive wine but they know little about it… So he launched his own inexpensive video blog, that features his outrageous and sacrilegious but hilarious review about wine. Every day, he would do an average of ten minutes video on wine for people who wish to know something about wine.

Today, not only has his business grown to a 50 million Dollar one; he has featured in Conan O’Brien show among many others, he has also been getting invitations from TV networks and major cable stations to host his show on their network.

This is a perfect example to show that you can do something similar to upturn your invisible status, get to know more people who get to know you and become potential clients if you handles them fairly. It’s more like delivering value to your clients and prospects; then they can have a reason to honor your calls, invitation, recommendation while they come back to you for more value.

On the internet, it happens to be the fundamental idea used to generate huge list of prospects.

More about this can be found in the report, Obscurity To Preeminence by Fisayo Adeyemi.

Source by Fisayo Adeyemi