These days, it just looks like blogging is a full-blown phenomenon that has grown unstoppably, although quite slowly but surely, over the years. People who spend considerable time on the Internet these days seem to be interested in one and only two almighty questions – how to make a blog and how to make a blog make money.

Indeed, the blogosphere, or the world shared among bloggers and their readers, is a rich and fertile ground for anyone who wants to plant some seeds of patience, hardwork, skill and knowledge. While making money through blogs sounds like a very easy job, it actually isn’t. Technically, it might be a breeze for most people to whip something up and publish it. However, the most important thing about blogging for money is consistency and perseverance and unless either is present, no effort will be successful. This is because blogs only become successful, at least, legally, after a considerable length of time over which the blogger has established his name and credibility.

As for the moneymaking part, there’s only one thing that could be important – ads. For example, if you’re selling something that targets a niche market, you can sell ad space on your blog. And don’t think no one will think of buying a blog ad space because there are many businessmen out there, even big corporations, that believe in the power of ads on a blog. You can have those companies add their banner, sponsor, solo or classified ads and then, you can start earning from the money they pay you for allowing them to post such ads.

There are actually more ways to make money on your blog. You can consider Google AdSense, affiliate programs, BlogAds and many many more. What’s great about it is you don’t even have to stick to just one of them. You can combine them in any way you want and get the best of all worlds. It is crucial to keep things in a healthy balance, though, because you wouldn’t want people to be turned off by too much ads. Of course, you want your posts to be the main attraction and it better be.

Amidst all the hullabaloo about what makes blogs successful enough to make money, one needs to bear in mind that in the world of blogging, patting one on the back will be your own pat each time a cycle completes itself. That means if you want more people to read your blogs, you have to read other people’s blogs as well. And one way to way to make this relationship with other bloggers work is through comments.

Indeed, comments are one of the most effective ways of building a name in the blogosphere and building links, too. Remember that search engines love links and while they are naturally friendly to blogs, you can make them friendlier to your blog by encouraging a flow of those comments that usually come with links. And then you can comment on their blogs with links to you and allow the cycle to go on and on.

Source by Caroline Chow