Improving The Usability Of An Ecommerce Solution – Stage 6, Identifying Compulsory Fields

The past year was the biggest yet for online business, and it is set to continue through 2011 with even more ecommerce software being created that will have a huge impact on how businesses trade online. The rise in social networking sites over the past 3 years has changed the way in which we use the internet and now ecommerce is set to hit this sector in a big way. A new ecommerce solution is always an exciting addition to a new sector on the internet, and this is about to hit the social networking market. Although new ecommerce software is being created the fundamentals of creating an ecommerce solution still remain the same.

As we continue to build the steps for generating a user-friendly ecommerce site, take into account the area that you are going to sell too. The market of social networking is huge, so managed by the right internet marketing will be key to the online business. Whether you target this market or stick to traditional markets such as eBay will depend on your budget and marketing. Having a presence in both forms can only help your online business and there is new ecommerce software available to manage both markets.

In this step we will look at how identifying required fields in the ordering process is essential to completing the order. There is nothing worse than filling out an order form online and having the form return because of missed information. An online business should be targeted for only information that is needs, if the business only needs an email address then only put an email address field as users are less likely to fill in huge amounts of information. The less information the user is required to fill in, the more chance of the user completing the order. In the ordering process it should be clear from the outset which fields need to be filled in and which are optional through the ecommerce solution.

This can be done in a variety of ways, to work out which is best for your online business is up to you. Only add fields that your business requires, for example don’t ask the user to put in their home address if your product is a download, or don’t ask the user put in two phone numbers, most people now have mobile and these are the best number to take for marketing purposes such as SMS and web promotions.

Mark each required field with either an * or say ‘required field’ next to each field. Most ecommerce software now incorporates these features and they can be manipulated to your brief. Creating informative data in the ordering process gives the user confidence and does not give them an excuse to leave the ordering process and become distracted by another web page.

Each ecommerce solution is different and no one knows your business like you so what fields you require is based upon your ordering process and marketing needs. Setting out the ordering process goals of your online business in the first instance will save you time and money, don’t overcomplicate the process. Include your most necessary information, the other details can be sourced later with online marketing.

Source by Paul Makepeace

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