All the things you’ve heard about how important it is to build a list of customers are all true. Without a list you may struggle to promote your product that you’ve spilled blood, sweat, and tears, to create. Why’s this then? It’s because visitors to your site will hardly ever buy from just from just one visit. So, you need to capture their names and email on your website. In this article, I’ll give you 7 of the latest proven methods to build your powerful customer list.

1. The article promotional tool. Articles are one of you prime tools in your online business as far as building yourself a customer list is concerned. It is one of the most recognised methods to get important, interesting information across to you potential customers.

2. After you’ve written your article; at the end of each article you write, you should write an enticing biography. You Bio should not be too long; usually you’ll be bound by the rule of whichever site you’re submitting to anyway. Ask readers how they’d like to learn XYZ, and if so, then to click on the link to receive your brand new free product.

3. A squeeze page. Your aim is to get as many visitors as possible interested in wanting more information from you. Your Biography the end of each article you write, should compel readers to want just that, and feel the desire to click through to your squeeze page.

4. Forums. Promote your site by answering appropriate questions that have been posted in relevant forums. When you’ve answered a few posts and become known, you can  add your Bio. Always follow the rules of forums.

5. W2.0 media. W2.0 media comes and goes, but whilst any such as Facebook, Twitter etc. are around, use them to advantage. Place you Bio, and link as appropriate.

6. Ebooks are a great way to build you list – virally. There are numerous ways to market your new ebooks. The fantastic thing about ebooks is that you can strategically place your URL on every page.

7. Joint Venture agreements. Not if, but when, you can arrange a “JV” with another expert in your niche, this is a superb way to get free promotion for both parties. As long as you both have a list of at least 100 0 members, JV’s are a very powerful part of your tool kit.

Source by Ian Jackson