Do you want to grow your email list faster? List building is the best way to sell products online because the people who chose to sign up in your Opt-in page are interested in your products; hence, have a higher percentage of buying your products. One good method to build your email list is through an Opt-in application in your landing or squeeze page.

Pointers for a Good Landing Page

You should create a landing page that visitors understand and which they can easily navigate. An eye-catching introduction and a well-presented write-up about the benefits that visitors can gain from your product should comprise the body. You can motivate the visitors to sign up or Opt-in by offering giveaways or gifts, which they can find useful.

Pointers in maintaining your list

Ensure that your subscriber signs up for the confirmatory mail that you send, because this will prevent visitors from labeling your email as spam.

Reply promptly to customers questions and concerns because this will develop goodwill and good buyer-seller relationship.

You can opt to use a free auto-responder, but purchasing one may prove more useful. A reliable auto-responder plays a vital role in sending newsletters, product updates and product information and you should never risk a lesser performance to save a few bucks per month.

Regularly communicate with your new found list. However send them lots of emails without any sales links as they must start to see you as a valuable contact rather than a salesman..

There are various ways to build your subscribers’ list. You can adapt article marketing, guest posting, video marketing and linking to your websites from social networking sites. There is really no way of avoiding building an email lists this is proven to still be the best option for list building because it provides you a direct contact with interested customers who will most likely buy your product.

Source by David H Blair