If you’re running a website without building a list, you’re letting a lot of potential paying customers slip through the cracks. If you’re just starting out in internet marketing, it’s best to start building your list right away.

Here’s the thing, when you build a good relationship with your list, the conversion rates are much higher compared to traffic that goes directly to your website. As you know, higher conversions means bigger paydays. Also, you can continue to market to that person for as long as their on your list. With a website, a person may visit your site, then leave and be gone forever.

So, in the short article I’m going to talk to you about how to build an email list like the pros or “gurus”. It’s pretty simple actually, you just have to know the ingredients. Here’s the ingredients:

Squeeze Page With Free Giveaway

The first thing you’re going to need to do is set up a squeeze page or if you have a website, a pop up opt-in and an auto responder service. Sending traffic directly to a squeeze page tends to convert better than trying to get people to opt in on your website because there are less distractions.

Auto Responder With Email Campaign

Next, you’re going to write you’re email sequences. Start off by writing 10-20 emails. If you’re new you’ll probably have no idea what to write these emails about. A simple way to know what to write about is to ask your subscribers a few questions. Ask them what they want to learn more about, what their goals are, what challenges they are facing within your niche, etc. Once you collect enough responses, you’ll have a better idea of what type of information your subscribers want.

Targeted Traffic

Next, you need to send a lot of targeted traffic. The best to sources for targeted traffic in my opinion if articles and videos. These two methods give the opportunity to begin building a relationship with people who opt in to your list.

After that, you need to provide consistent value to your subscribers. This can be accomplished by offer free gifts of value and providing quality useful content.

You will also need to focus on building a relationship with your list. By asking and answering questions you increase reader activity and build rapport with your list. Don’t try to sell during the beginning stages, just concentrate on building the relationship with your list and keeping them active.

Lastly, you should mail frequently. At least 1-2 times per week. This will keep your readers engaged and thirsty for more information. This is a highly debated topic, but my experience shows that as long as you’re providing useful information to your list, they won’t mid a high frequency of emails.

Source by Chase Ja White