Gone are the days when you have to leave your home in order to earn a living. Thanks to the widespread use and development of the Internet and e-commerce, you can now make money online in various ways. Blogging is one such way; it’s not just simple to do but it won’t require a substantial capital as well.

What’s Blogging Anyway?

Good question. Blogging is probably a term one mostly associates with teenagers, but in truth, many adults, professionals and businessmen even, blog and earn from it, as well.

A blog is an online journal and most blog hosting sites allow members to create one for free. Depending on your blog hosting site, you may also be allowed to customize its layout and configure settings for access to your entries, comment posting, and other features. But since you intend to use your blog for earning money, it’s best to have your entries open to public and allow instant comment posting even for non-members.

How Do You Make Money with a Blog?

There are a number of ways for you to make money with a blog. The simplest way to do it is to apply for an advertising account with the likes of Google Adsense. Online advertisement companies such as these display ads from their clients on blogs and websites. They will then pay website and blog owners revenue based on a pay-per-click arrangement for the ads. Other companies pay on a cost-per-action basis. In this instance, you receive a specific commission percentage whenever a visitor signs up for a newsletter, avail of a product or service from a merchant website, or perform whatever action specified in your contract.

You can also use your blog to earn money with affiliate marketing or by creating your own virtual store as well.

What Should You Blog About?

The beauty about blogging is that you can write about anything under the sun and still have a good chance of earning money from your writing.

Have you heard of the saying ‘you should write what you know best’? That’s true even with blogging but if you want to earn more, you’ll have to go beyond that and write about what you love most.

Expertise and extensive knowledge about a certain topic are always handy but not altogether necessary. What’s important is that people see you love what you’re writing about, you enjoy what you’re doing, and in return, they enjoy reading your work.

Indeed, niche blogging will allow you an easier way to make money online. With a mainstream topic for your blog, you’ll have to face more competition. But with a niche topic, you’ll find it easier to build a loyal readership base.

More Tips for Making Money Online with Your Blog

Here are more tips to ensure you get a good start with your blog.

Make it look and sound great.

Although we’re constantly reminded not to judge a person based on first impressions or a book by its cover, we still end up influenced by these things, don’t we? It’s the way things work and it would be impractical to ignore this.

As for blogging, people’s first impression will be based on the layout and title of your blog so be sure to choose well. Choose a title that lets readers know what they can expect. Choose a layout that readers can appreciate.

Write well.

Think coherence, cohesiveness, grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary. Double-check your work before posting!

Source by Larry Rivera