MJ Durkin is considered by many to be a prospecting master and list building machine. But can his techniques help you in recruitin more reps?

Well, MJ Durkin is one of the most sought-after speakers and experts on the topic of prospecting and booking face-to-face appointments. He’s widely known as “North America’s Prospecting Coach,” he as also been a keynote speaker and presenter at some of the largest sales training conventions.

He has been established among some of the top sales trainers in the world with his direct style of prospecting, which has become like a guide to help transform a persons approach to prospecting in their businesses. He has been a top trainer for years with many fortune 500 companies ranging from traditional corporate structures to network marketing companies.

He is the author of 4 books “Double You Contacts”, “Selling from the Heart”, “Own Your Home – Own Your Life”, and “Your First 90 Days in Network Marketing.” He has sold over 70,000 books. and 140,000 training programs on compact disc.

I have read one of his books “Double Your Contacts”, more than once in fact. He puts a new way of thinking into your prospecting efforts. When everyone is talking about the whole sales process from introduction to follow up and close, Mj talks about the number of prospects you can get in front of.

His direct approach cuts through all of the junk and goes straight to the point so no time is wasted on the wrong people and you come across as an authority figure. But at the same time showing respect and care. As MJ might say “giving the prospect a slap in the face in a nurturing way.”

I myself have been using his teachings for years when I’m prospecting offline. One simple technique I learned form MJ is almost like a “jedi mind trick” as he describes. And I will attest if done properly, really does work. People will give you their name, phone number and email without even knowing why.

A person on my team witnessed me doing this in action and couldn’t believe what they were seeing. They told me afterword “I can’t believe that person just gave you their name, phone number and email, just like that… that’s almost scary.”

Using MJ Durkins teachings have made a valuable tool in every network marketer’s prospecting toolbox of and they are surprisingly simple yet very effective.

It’s all about your posture, as MJ Durkin would tell you. If you have great posture when you meet someone, when you call and set an appointment, when you are presenting, when you follow up. If done right you can basically close a person before the door has even been opened.

Of course this doesn’t happen all the time but if you focus on the main area that MJ Durkin teaches you to focus on, which is prospecting, everything else almost takes care of itself.

When MJ was really in the game of sales he wasn’t very good in different aspects of the sales process. But one key area where he learned to excel was booking appointments. He learned that if he could have more appointments than everyone else, he could compete. Thus capitalizing on the law of averages and giving him the mindset that he didn’t need any single prospect because his list was big enough that it didn’t matter.

To sum up this review of MJ Durkin, he has been able to help thousands of people become successful through his training materials. If you haven’t at least picked up a copy of his book “Double Your Contacts”, I would encourage you to do so. You’ll be amazed on how well his techniques actually work when you are out prospecting every day.

Source by Scott Zlateff