The Keys To Making Money From Your Blog

The main keys to making money from you blog is driving traffic and building an email list, and that’s another article to come later, but the big secret to making money, is combining a popular niche with teaching people how to make money as a blogger. When you add those two together, you have a winning combination.

If you have a niche where you can also offer items for sale, that are related to your niche, that process also works and is an extra benefit. But, when you add both your niche and helping people to make money, you’ve just lined your shelves with more exciting products and services to sell, and believe it or not, you are helping people in the process when you teach people how to make money.

Hugely successful bloggers teach people how to blog for money, and they talk about something that interests a massive audience. People enjoy freedom from this process, and the really cool part is you are helping people all the way around.

There might be someone out there in the world who needs to see a blog from you (your niche), that also offers an avenue for them to earn money blogging, and if you don’t create a blog that offers an avenue for them to make money, the people who are searching for a way to make money, in the same niche as you offer, could miss out on the opportunity. Plus, you will miss out on making money helping them.

So, those are the basic keys to making money from your blog, but everything in your blog will make you money. All of the links on every one of your blog pages will make you money. All of the banner ads will make you money. Your email list will make you money. Your newsletter will make you money. Everything on your blog should be making you money. If it’s not, you are not playing this game properly.

Don’t be afraid of ads or enticing people to opt in to an email list with valuable but free items.

Everyone knows that most every blog and web site on the Internet has banner ads and offers items for sale. It’s the way of the Internet. It’s acceptable. If you don’t offer stuff for sale, you are only cheating yourself, and believe it or not, if you don’t offer the opportunities, you are actually cheating other people who might want to get into the blogging business.

Ads make your blog look more professional and credible. Ads are on almost every single website and blog you come across. Yahoo offers well placed ads on every page. People understand this advertising process and are okay with it. If you don’t have ads, your blog will look empty.

The more professional your site pages look, with graphics and the right ads, the more people feel comfortable and want to stay looking around. Keeping people on your site longer with each visit will help you even more, because Google will give you credit and a better site rank.

Choose a popular niche. Place ads on your site. Build your email list and offer blogging products.

Source by Dave Drew

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